Outlook Newsletter Fall 2010Johnson Engineering is now prequalified in Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) work group 10.4 – Construction Engineering Inspection (CEI) for minor bridges and miscellaneous structures. Johnson Engineering has provided bridge inspection services to local municipalities and private clients for many years, however this certification now allows us to inspect bridges under 300’ and miscellaneous structures on State projects. Miscellaneous structures vary and may include retaining walls, box culverts, pedestrian bridges, major water control structures and more. Our CEI team has years of structural inspection, hands-on construction experience and is fully CTQP certified.

Providing CEI on bridges complements our existing FDOT prequalified services of roadway design, signing and paving marking, surveying & mapping, construction engineering inspection, planning, and landscape architecture, specifically in the following FDOT workgroups:

3.1 – Minor Highway Design
3.2 – Major Highway Design
7.1 – Signing, Pavement Markings and Channelization
8.1 – Control Surveying
8.2 – Design, Right of Way & Construction Surveying
8.4 – Right of Way Mapping
10.1 – Roadway Construction Engineering Inspection
13.6 – Land Planning/Engineering
15 – Landscape Architect

For more information regarding bridge inspection services, contact James ‘Vee’ Lofton at (239) 461-2406 or [email protected].