Electrical Engineering


Electrical Engineering

Our team provides both power and controls engineering services for our clients. We have the ability to perform all design and construction services in-house, including the electrical systems analysis and subsequent construction administration services, construction engineering inspection services, and systems integration. We can provide electrical design and implementation of power, instrumentation, process control, standby power generator systems, industrial control, systems integration and commissioning, site and process evaluations, SCADA architecture, networking, telemetry, and programmable controller (PLC), Operator Interface Terminal (OIT), and Human Machine Interface (HMI) programming. Our team has designed electrical distribution equipment, control panels, motor control, instrumentation, power distribution, lighting, and lightning protection.

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What We Provide

We provide complete industrial design services and factory acceptance testing for all motor control and power distribution equipment including switchgear, motor control centers, distribution panelboards, cable tray, grounding systems and generators. Construction services will include responses to contractor questions, shop drawing reviews, construction engineering inspection, and record drawings for project closeout.

Our team can provide complete design services for control panels, process and instrumentation diagrams, instrumentation design, programming and integration, and process flow diagrams.

“Our company offers a range of services to support the development and implementation of industrial automation projects. Our team is equipped to provide PLC programming and system startup construction services that align with the design concepts of our clients, ensuring a seamless transition from planning to execution. We also offer both sequence of operation and automation services to optimize the efficiency and productivity of our clients’ processes.

In addition, we specialize in SCADA architecture, networking, and telemetry, with expertise in fiber, Ethernet, radio, and cellular communications. Our solutions are designed to provide real-time monitoring, control, and reporting capabilities, enhancing the visibility and transparency of industrial operations. With our advanced automation technologies and experienced team, we are committed to delivering high-quality and reliable solutions that meet the unique needs of our clients.”

We can provide short circuit, protective coordination, and arc flash studies utilizing SKM power analysis software. The analyses are performed during the design phase of the project to optimize equipment selection.

Our team can provide photometric calculations, site lighting plans, specifications and final certifications of compliance.

Electrical Engineering Projects

Electrical Engineering Team

Wayne Wright, PE

Senior Electrical Engineer

Wayne has nearly four decades of experience working as an Electrical, Instrumentation & Controls (EI&C) engineer. His experience includes design and implementation of power, instrumentation, process control, industrial control, systems integration and commissioning, site and process evaluations, SCADA architecture, networking, telemetry, and PLC/HMI/OIT programming. Wayne has provided control panel electrical designs for motor control, instrumentation, low voltage power distribution, lighting, and lightning protection. Wayne has worked on projects with multiple disciplines in project management and project engineering roles managing project scope, schedule and budget from conceptual design through detailed design and construction completion and has provided engineer-of-record and construction observation services.


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