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Landscape Architecture

Landscape architecture encompasses the analysis, planning, design, management, and stewardship of natural and built environments. The goal of creating sustainable places achieves a balance between these diverging elements in a symbiotic way where each part becomes reliant on naturally occurring systems to clean the air and water, increase energy efficiency, restore habitats, and create value through significant environmental, social, and economic benefits.

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A horticulturally correct and properly installed planting design and irrigation system not only creates healthy plants but also saves money over the life of the project. Most local agencies require irrigation to guarantee the survivability of new plantings. Our design team works closely with manufacturers of all irrigation components to ensure that every project is provided with the best and most efficient design. We have extensive expertise in the use of both Xeriscape and Florida Friendly planting design techniques. Although local land development codes are the framework by which we gear our planting designs, respect for the native environment is of utmost priority when designing with the Florida Friendly Landscaping Program.

Successful community design follows a fundamental principle of landscape architecture: balanced integration of the natural and built environment. At Johnson Engineering we focus on sustainable design principles. Using our corporate-wide expertise, we strive to incorporate natural resources into the fabric of our designs as an amenity and basis for sustainable outcomes. Our experience in site planning, ecology, water resource management, community identity elements, and marketing packages are all keys to successful community building.

The goal of any commercial development is to attract business and keep consumers coming back. We work hard to provide the customer with an experience that is comfortable while still being convenient and efficient. The role of landscape design, as it pertains to commercial properties, is not just to beautify the site, but also to lower the urban heat island by providing tree canopy and other vegetation which softens the urban environment while creating a viably sustainable system as possible. Good commercial design allows the landscape architect an opportunity to introduce natural materials that are an added value to the project that keeps paying dividends over time.

The professionals within our landscape team understands that creative, functional landscape design can transform a community, and that carefully designed places act as a catalyst for growth and provide measurable benefits for public health and environmental quality, the basis for all community revitalization efforts. Our services include site evaluation and assessment, planting design with native plant selection, and site master planning with attention to the design of amenities to promote the aesthetic as well as the function.

Our team has long term abundant experience in the design and implementation of landscape beautification on miles of roadway and other transportation corridors design and landscape beautification corridors within Florida. We have strong working relationships with local and state agencies, as well as landscape and irrigation installation contractors. We bring these relationships and knowledge to lead and assist with determining community-based goals and developing plans for streetscape design that will enhance appearance and value along streets and corridors. Prioritizing community goals, safety and aesthetics has been the key to the success of our work on both public and private corridors.

Green spaces in developed areas provide substantial environmental benefits and opportunities for social interaction. Parks are important infrastructure for Florida that provide physical and mental fitness through recreation and relaxation. Trees, shrubs, and open space reduce air and water pollution, help keep areas cooler, and are a more effective and less expensive way to manage stormwater runoff than traditional systems of concrete sewers and drainage ditches. We approach park projects on the premise that we are designing space to increase residents’ sense of community ownership and stewardship while providing a focus for neighborhood activities; creating connections for people from diverse cultures and helps to build a positive community identity.

Our landscape architecture team is proficient in hand-drawn sketches and renderings as well as numerous types of computer-assisted graphics. Some of our finished work includes project site plans, views, vignettes, and renderings. We have also produced full 3-D modeling and animations that represent before-and-after improvements and take our clients on a virtual tour through their final project. These images help paint the picture of our client’s vision, and in many instances, are used by clients to assist in marketing.

Our team has the knowledge and background to provide construction administration and observation services for landscape architecture projects. Our trained and experienced professionals visit the project site during construction to review progress, quality of materials, workmanship, compliance with codes, and construction documents. These site visits result in successfully built projects that meet the vision of our clients. We also assist administratively by reviewing bidder qualifications, bids, change orders, pay applications, project schedules, and much more. This oversight assists in identifying and resolving issues early, which is crucial to keep a project on time and within budget.

Our team offers a wide range of arboricultural services such as evaluation and inventory of trees and landscaping, to diagnosis of insect and disease issues, to consultation in proper maintenance procedures, to tree protection plans, appraisals, and expert witness work. In addition, the team is highly knowledgeable about a variety of innovative techniques and technologies which enable trees to share proximity with the desirable or required design features which complement modern homes, buildings, institutions, and infrastructure.

Our team has a history of partnering with local jurisdictions on the review and processing of development plans and permits related to public and private landscape design projects. The professionals that make-up our landscape architectural team have extensive experience within the private and public roles regarding the requirements of a landscape site plan review process. With decades of experience in navigating local landscape codes and processes, we can quickly adapt to the unique demands of your jurisdiction’s accepted practices and codes, while maintaining a strong commitment to meeting your jurisdiction’s critical timelines.

The landscape design of a Community or Institutional facility must be centered upon a functional and practical viewpoint, but also from a recognition of the value that the public spaces bring to the community and the influence of the design upon the public enjoyment of the facility. Our approach provides a framework for making inclusive decisions and results in sustainable public spaces that are unique to their context and reflect the communities and institutions that frame them. We seek to develop projects that layer history, culture, ecology, and economy to create memorable public spaces within communities.

Our team can provide landscape design that is sensitive to the natural context in which the project is located to create a design that complements the local environment or re-energizes an existing one with detailed attention to proper drainage, appropriate plant selection, and integration of the built environment to complement the natural environment. Our landscape architectural team in coordination with our land planning services provides integrated designs that allow our clientele to maximize the return on investments from their properties and creates a vibrant environment for all residents.

Our team will carry out a proactive approach to minimize or eliminate any potential public concerns. This will be achieved through public meetings, dealing one-on-one with individuals, or meeting with local Advisory Boards. We will incorporate graphics and technical data to demonstrate project design goals and objectives. Our public meeting process creates a sense of community ownership and stewardship, provides a focus for neighborhood activities, connects people from diverse cultures, and helps to build community identity.

Landscape Architecture Projects

Landscape Architecture Team

Jeff Nagle, RLA

Landscape Architect

Jeff joined Johnson Engineering in 2012 as a principal landscape architect. He brings a versatile skill set and a reputation built on providing the highest quality of service to both public and private sector clients with on-time and on-budget deliverables. Having worked in both the public and private sectors, Jeff brings a broad range of experience to apply in practice, using an innovative management approach to guide projects from the planning and design phase, through permitting, development, and construction.


Tyler Rubley

Landscape Designer

Tyler joined Johnson Engineering in 2020 as a landscape designer in the land planning and Landscape Architecture department. He graduated from LSU with a bachelor’s degree in Landscape Architecture. His experience ranges from conceptual design and construction drawings to construction oversight on a wide range of projects such as community design and branding, design of resort-style amenities, park master planning, streetscape design, on private, commercial, and government projects. His construction administration experience includes developing cost estimates, initial site evaluations, progress inspections, and final project certifications. He has worked closely with communities to develop successful landscape, hardscape, and amenity features. Tyler is also experienced with high-end residential projects providing design services for landscape, hardscape, drainage, lighting, and the creation of outdoor spaces.

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