Land Development


Land Development

Land development encompasses a broad spectrum of project types, such as urban redevelopment, mixed-use, residential, commercial, and institutional. Your project has unique needs, and our extensive range of experience in all areas of development allows us to develop a specific approach to meet your vision, goals, and timelines. Our team has a proven track record of successfully designing and permitting public and private sector projects for decades. We continually evolve to help guide our clients through today’s design, permitting, and construction challenges.

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Project management is the practice of initiating, planning, executing, controlling, and completing the work of a team to achieve and meet specific goals and success criteria for our clients. The primary challenge is to achieve all the project goals within the given constraints. To help achieve this, a member of our Land Development team will act as your primary point of contact for all aspects of your project from start to finish. Your primary point of contact will help guide your project through the planning, design, permitting, and construction while communicating, scheduling and coordinating with the project team, whether, internally or externally, to provide a successful project. By working with our Land Development team, you will be provided a high level of service and have an expert in land development as your primary point of contact.

Our team can quickly provide research of local databases and contact local agencies to determine physical, environmental, regulatory, and concurrency constraints and opportunities for the subject site. Some of the major areas of research include site data, zoning, environmental, stormwater, utilities, and concurrency. We perform field investigations to photograph and assess general characteristics, such as existing utilities, habitat, wetlands, environmental contamination, outfall locations, neighboring property characteristics, soil conditions, and tree coverage. These findings are compiled in a complete due diligence report to help you decide if your land development project is feasible.

Our team will design your site to meet current zoning regulations as well as required local, State and Federal codes. Once the site layout has been completed our team will create a 3-D model of the proposed surface to help ensure proper grading and drainage. Drainage, sanitary sewer, water mains, force mains, and irrigation mains will all be designed as a 3-D model. 3-D modeling allows for a thorough review of the entire system to help ensure that conflicts are minimized during the construction process. At the conclusion of your project we can prepare complete as-builts and record drawings.

We understand the importance of cost estimating and the affect it has on your project’s budget. At Johnson Engineering, we pride ourselves on our ability to quantify materials based on construction documents using the latest technology available, such as computer aided drafting (CAD) Civil 3D, and associating current unit prices to these quantities giving you an accurate cost estimate for your project. We take the time to log current construction costs from our previous projects so we can utilize these in our proposed cost estimates giving the most up to date costs in the fluctuating construction industry. Cost estimating is not just associating cost to material quantities. Understanding the land development construction process from decades of experience allows us to account for construction processes not so clearly identified in the plan quantities. This reduces the potential for ‘surprises’ when your actual construction prices are determined.

Having offices strategically located throughout Florida, along with decades of projects, our team has obtained permits from nearly every governmental agency in Southwest Florida. We know the requirements, we know the processes, and we know the expectations of the agencies. The combined knowledge and local experience of our team members provides efficient, timely, and effective permitting for your projects.

Once a project is permitted, our team can create bid documents, including tabulations and project specifications, as well as provide an Engineer’s Opinion of Probable Cost that is used as a basis to compare the contractor’s bids. Our team analyzes the bids and offers recommendations. We’ve observed the work product of countless contractors, and our extensive knowledge assists the owner in selecting a contractor that will provide the best quality at a cost-effective price. Once construction commences, our qualified and experienced field personnel observe how the contractors maintain compliance with the permits, standards, and specifications, as well as addressing conflicts and field changes.

Land Development Team

Dana Hume, PE

Director of Development Services

Dana joined Johnson Engineering in 1989 and has more than three decades of civil engineering experience. During his time with the firm, Dana has overseen residential, commercial, educational, and institutional projects. In addition to managing the development department in Lee County since 2005, his responsibilities include being the project manager and professional engineer for all phases of development, including site planning, infrastructure design, government agency permitting, quality control, construction administration, and contributing to LEEDs credits while continually coordinating with his clients, consultants, and team members to meet the client’s vision, goals, and schedule.

Chris Beers, PE, PSM

Port Charlotte Branch Manager

Chris joined Johnson Engineering in 2006 and is the branch manager of our Charlotte County office. His relevant experience includes years of managing civil engineering projects of all scopes and scales, including stormwater, utilities, transportation, aviation, and land development for both public and private clientele. During his time in Port Charlotte, Chris has provided leadership for several Charlotte County capital projects including stormwater, parks and transportation projects. He can take a project from conception to as-built performing or managing the multiple disciplines needed to bring a project together. He has a diverse background in permitting and agency (Federal, State and local) compliance. He has represented projects and clients in a variety of public processes and led community involvement in meetings. He is a Charlotte County resident living in Punta Gorda.

Jared Brown, PE

Collier County Branch Manager

Jared joined Johnson Engineering in 2011 as a project manager and is responsible for the day to day operations of the Naples office. A resident of Collier County since 1999, Jared has worked on a wide range of projects in and around Naples. He has worked with non-profits, local municipalities, developers, architects, engineers and contractors on multiple simultaneous projects. Serving as the point of contact for clients, project design teams and sub-consultants. Jared has been responsible for project management, civil design, drawing preparation, specifications and construction observation for commercial, institutional and residential projects. Including project engineer for utility and roadway infrastructure at Ave Maria and project manager for the development of the Naples Botanical Garden.

Debi Pendlebury

Development Review Standards Specialist

Debi joined Johnson Engineering in 1996, and currently works as the development project coordinator and project manager within the firm’s development group, providing a wide range of development and planning services. Prior to joining Johnson Engineering, Debi worked for the Lee County Zoning Department as a Planning Assistant. Her responsibilities included superior knowledge of the various zoning and land use codes, including how to apply and interpret regulations for various situations in conjunction with the general public, consulting firms, land use attorneys and county staff inquiries. She was able to establish a strong working relationship county staff and the development community.

Tyler Sharpe, PE

Professional Engineer

Tyler has been with Johnson Engineering since 2012. He is an engineer and works on projects with all branch offices of Johnson Engineering. Tyler’s experience includes working on a variety of land development and transportation projects. Tyler has experience working in our development group where he is responsible for such tasks as site design, site grading, drainage system layout, underground utility layout, earthwork calculations, quantity/construction cost estimates, plan production, permitting, coordination with outside consultants, and on-site construction inspection. His transportation group experience includes roadway design, traffic analysis, and plan production.

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