Special District Assistance “FLA. STA. § 189, 190, 298”


Special District Assistance

Our team has extensive Community Development District (CDD) experience throughout Florida, as we are the District Engineer for many CDDs under Chapter 190 of Florida Statutes. We have also worked for special districts formed under Chapter 189 and Chapter 298. The work for them includes establishment, reports for bonds; and assisting during the construction and development process, as well as during the operation and maintenance of the Districts. During the construction and development process, we prepare the Engineer’s Reports and amendments when needed, and review and approve requisitions from bond proceeds. We also participate in the operation and maintenance with the Districts through work of facilities modifications, GATSB 34, upgrades to irrigation and maintenance facilities, as well as modifications to the water management system. We have assisted, and are currently assisting, Districts with sidewalk/ADA assessments, traffic signage and pavement marking surveys, pavement condition assessments, drainage issue resolution, pond and wetland inspections, road resurfacing and improvement projects. We have also developed a Permit Criteria Manual to be used for new phases of development within the District limits of one of our clients.

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What We Provide

We have a team of professionals that are specifically dedicated to all aspects of surface water management analysis, design, and permitting. The dedicated nature of this team allows them to stay up to date on current issues and advancements related to surface water management. They provide a wide variety of services including surface water master planning; retrofit analysis and design; treatment system design; permitting; hydrologic, hydraulic, and water quality monitoring; flow, and stage monitoring.

We have a team of water quality team of scientists, engineers, and geologists who know what it takes to meet our clients’ monitoring needs. Our strong working relationships with regulators and familiarity with Florida Department of Environmental Protection (FDEP) regulations allow us to efficiently prepare and carry out successful monitoring programs. We maintain a variety of vessels and sampling equipment in-house to ensure that the needs of each project are met as quickly and thoroughly as possible. Our established working relationships with several state-certified laboratories ensure that our clients benefit from efficiency without sacrificing quality. From monitoring turbidity to installing event-triggered, automated sampling systems, our team has the knowledge, experience, technology, and expertise to get the job done.

The State’s National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NDPES) program requires industrial and municipal permit holders to maintain stormwater management programs (SWMP) to monitor impacts of stormwater discharges from the site. Our team works closely with manufacturers, municipalities, and districts to develop and implement these monitoring programs. We have strong working relationships with local, state, and federal regulators and can expertly and efficiently carry out monitoring requirements. Our team can identify major outfalls, collect water quality samples for laboratory analysis, and evaluate the results. We also assist NPDES construction activity permit holders with site inspections of their best management practices (BMPs) required by their permits.

Water use permits for allocations over 100,000 gpd often require documentation of a reliable, repeatable water use accounting system. Permit conditions require “calibration” of accounting methods at regular intervals. This often consists of checking flowmeter accuracy or calculating flow through closed pipes or open channels. Periodic verification checks are necessary to confirm water use is reported accurately to the water management district or other regulatory agencies. Our team of water resources professions is manufacturer-trained and approved by the South Florida Water Management District (SFWMD) and Southwest Florida Water Management District (SWFWMD) to verify flow measurement methods.

Our team is adept at the preparation of all types of mitigation and environmental monitoring reports, as required, for the Water Management Districts, the Army Corps of Engineers, and any pertinent local agencies requiring this information. In addition, mitigation monitoring protocol is established and designed as specified in the permits issued for development. We have implemented monitoring programs for a variety of mitigation areas ranging from under 10 acres to 13,000 acres. Components of typical monitoring programs include the establishment and analysis of vegetation monitoring transects, groundwater monitoring wells, mapping of invasive exotic vegetation, and identification and quantification of fish and macroinvertebrate species to assess wetland health and surface water quality within freshwater and estuarine wetland ecosystems.

Every community is complex, defined by its history, size, climate, location, geography, and the people that live and work there. Community planning engages those with varied backgrounds and goals in a common effort to identify and achieve a vision for an area. Our team has a history of effectively engaging in community planning efforts. We have the skills necessary to assess the political context of an area, utilize GIS for data collection, provide strategic analyses, facilitate input through charrettes and image preference surveys, and implement recommendations to benefit those who live, work and own property through a collaborative planning process.

It has been said, “You only get one chance to make a first impression.” This adage expresses the primary reasons for developing beautiful landscapes and streetscapes along the main corridors and neighborhood entries within your community. The main portal into this existing residential neighborhood will set the stage for impressions of the community by residents and visitors. The character of this roadway should stand out and reflect that certain level of treatment and attention to detail that represents the lifestyle within the community. At the same time, it must emphasize a gracious welcoming into this neighborhood and the variety of amenities it provides.

Johnson Engineering’s surveying and mapping has a long standing and time-honored reputation throughout Florida. Since 1946, our survey group has provided wide ranging and specialized surveying services to many public, private and industrial clients. Providing land surveying, hydrographic surveying, transportation surveying and Geographic Information Systems (GIS) services. Our custom-built soft dig vehicle allows us to quickly locate underground utilities through Subsurface Utility Exploration (SUE), saving clients time and money. With a diversified and experienced team of professionals, we understand that relationships, close coordination and successful project management is why we continue to be the consultant of choice for surveying and mapping throughout Florida.

Utilities play a fundamental part in our everyday lives, yet we take for granted the vast systems of water, irrigation and sewer lines that run beneath us, and the engineering it took to provide such consistent service. The utilities market group of Johnson Engineering is a highly motivated and energetic group of professionals dedicated to the water and wastewater industry. Our expertise has brought water to fire hydrants, drinking fountains, and swimming pools throughout Florida and provided wastewater systems for entire communities. As the population grows, utilities infrastructure must be engineered with expansion in mind. Foresight, which saves money and time, is a strength of our team.

We assist Districts/HOAs with their roadway maintenance issues by communicating solutions promptly as if they had their very own Public Works department. Our team is experienced in a wide of array of roadway design and construction inspection services. We are familiar with the requirements and operating procedures of many municipalities in Florida including the FDOT. We are also experienced in all manners of permitting associated with transportation improvements including FDOT pre-qualifications in the following areas 3.1, 3.2, 6.1, 7.1, 7.2, 7.3, 8.1, 8.2, 8.4, 10.1, 10.4, 13.6, 15.

Our design services range from sidewalk ADA compliance reviews, corridor analyses, preliminary design studies, and intersection improvements to full scale major roadway design. Roadway design is intricately correlated with the adjacent development, drainage, utilities, and environment. With in-house expertise in these areas as well, we offer a comprehensive design and permitting service. We also have long standing relationships with proven consultants in the transportation sub-disciplines of traffic, lighting, and signalization. These relationships perfectly complement our core design, providing a complete and quality design product.

Our transportation group also offers construction engineering and inspection (CEI). With a team of FDOT certified roadway and utility construction inspectors, we have the means to make sure the design is constructed properly. Our inspection staff is also well versed in the construction and acceptance criteria of the local municipalities. On-site inspection is critical to ensure compliance not only with the plans, but with the specifications and contract documents. Inspection is often required in cases where improvements are to be turned over to a local municipality for maintenance. Our local experience and thorough expertise in all manners of transportation improvement projects will ensure a quality product is delivered in an efficient manner, from conception to completion.

Our team uses ESRI’s ArcGIS technology to provide an array of interactive digital mapping, data management and spatial analysis and 3D modeling solutions. Tailored web-based applications may be developed for secured, client-only access or for public presentation of maps and support analysis of spatial data. Using GPS, conventional surveying and subsurface utility engineering, our team can provide GIS utility mapping, including asset management, inventories, systems analysis tools and real time system conditions and monitoring. We locate and identify the elements, attributes and condition of these networks and offer a true working model to our clients. We also offer the support, update and maintenance of our GIS deliverables to ensure that our clients have the most up-to-date and accurate mapping resources available.

Our GIS team has developed Mobile Mapping applications for iPhone and iPad devices, as well as for some Android and Blackberry mobile devices. These applications allow you to access and view your project specific data layers on your mobile device and see your current position relative to those layers with an aerial background using your device’s GPS location information. Mobile maps are also viewable using standard desktop web browsers. Data layers vary from point-based features to linear or polygon features. Our team currently employs this technology to assist field operations for environmental/species mapping, well locations and stormwater facilities.

Special District Assistance Projects

Special District Assistance Team

Laura Brady Herrero, CE

Director of Water Resources & Environmental Services / Principal Ecologist

Laura joined the firm in 2000 and serves as director of the firm’s environmental consulting and water resources team, providing project management and oversight of large-scale public and private sector projects. As a principal ecologist, she continues to conduct:

  • State and Federal wetland jurisdictional determinations
  • Protected species surveys
  • Habitat and species management plans
  • Coordination and permitting with:
    • - The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC)
    • - The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (FWS)
    • - FWS Biological Assessments and Biological Opinions
    • - Wetland/listed species mitigation proposals and mitigation monitoring
    • - Environmental Resource Permit and Federal Dredge and Fill applications
    • - Follow-through to permit issuance and post-permit compliance.

She is also an FWC Authorized Gopher Tortoise Agent, Federal Aviation Administration Qualified Airport Wildlife Biologist, and FWS qualified caracara observer with over 2,000 hours of caracara survey experience and 45 nests found to date.

Jared Brown, PE

Collier County Branch Manager

Jared joined Johnson Engineering in 2011 as a project manager and is responsible for the day to day operations of the Naples office. A resident of Collier County since 1999, Jared has worked on a wide range of projects in and around Naples. He has worked with non-profits, local municipalities, developers, architects, engineers and contractors on multiple simultaneous projects. Serving as the point of contact for clients, project design teams and sub-consultants. Jared has been responsible for project management, civil design, drawing preparation, specifications and construction observation for commercial, institutional and residential projects. Including project engineer for utility and roadway infrastructure at Ave Maria and project manager for the development of the Naples Botanical Garden.

Phil Chang, PE

Lutz Branch Manager

Phil is the branch manager of the firm’s Lutz/Land O’Lakes office. He has been a project manager on various projects throughout Southwest and West Central Florida, as well as outside of Florida. He is familiar with the design and permitting procedures of the local municipalities as well as the Southwest Florida Water Management District (SWFWMD), Florida Department of Environmental Protection (FDEP), the US Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) and the Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT). Phil’s primary experience as a Project Manager includes peer review and design and permitting of public sector projects. He is a former public sector employee whose experience includes public meetings, working with city/county attorneys and various other staff, presenting to boards/committees, site plan permit reviews, infrastructure analyses, cost estimates, feasibility studies, preparing bid documents and responding to public inquiries.

Erik Howard, PE, PSM

Professional Engineer

Erik joined Johnson Engineering in December 2003. Erik earned both his Master of Engineering and Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering degrees from the University of Florida. As an engineer, surveyor, general contractor, plumbing contractor and electrical contractor, he is familiar with both the technical and construction side of projects.

Erik’s experience as an engineer includes groundwater modeling, hydraulic pipe modeling, data analysis, utility design, directional drill layout and design, well design, pump station design, treatment facility design, stormwater design, permitting, certification and construction administration. He routinely prepares specialized plans and specifications for projects that require an ‘out-of-the-box’ approach. Erik’s technical background and practical experience allows him to handle most any unique circumstance.

Jordan Varble, PE

Water Resources Engineer

Jordan joined Johnson Engineering in 2015 and is a Professional Engineer in the company’s Water Resources group. Jordan earned his Master of Science in Civil Engineering from Colorado State University in 2011 and Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering from Missouri S&T in 2009. Jordan’s experience as an engineer includes regional watershed modeling, surface water design, hydraulic pipe modeling, Class I deep injection wells, construction inspection, well design, regulatory permitting, technical report writing and engineering due diligence. He currently manages engineering projects relating to water resources, bringing projects from conceptual ideas to physical reality.

Jeff Nagle, RLA

Landscape Architect

Jeff joined Johnson Engineering in 2012 as a principal landscape architect. He brings a versatile skill set and a reputation built on providing the highest quality of service to both public and private sector clients with on-time and on-budget deliverables. Having worked in both the public and private sectors, Jeff brings a broad range of experience to apply in practice, using an innovative management approach to guide projects from the planning and design phase, through permitting, development, and construction.

John Curtis, CSE

Certified Senior Ecologist

John joined Johnson Engineering in 1997 as an ecologist and provides expertise in environmental consulting for many of the firm’s large public and private projects. He has extensive experience in all aspects of state and federal environmental permitting, including environmental impact assessments, conservation bank permitting for threatened and endangered species, listed species surveys and relocations, wetland delineations, wetland mitigation design, habitat restoration and expert witness testimony.  John is an Authorized Gopher Tortoise Agent and Registered Agent for Burrowing Owls by the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC). In 2013, John met the qualifications established by the Board of Professional Certification of the Ecological Society of America to become a Certified Senior Ecologist. In 2016, John also met the education, training and experience requirements as stipulated under Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Advisory Circular 150/5200-36A to be classified as a Qualified Airport Wildlife Biologist.

Gary Nychyk


Gary worked with Johnson Engineering from 2004 through 2006 as an ecologist. He rejoined the Johnson Engineering team in 2015. His duties include vegetation mapping, wildlife surveys, track surveys, protected species management plans, wetland jurisdictional delineations, and wetland preserve mitigation monitoring. Gary works closely with the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE), the South Florida Water Management District (SFWMD), Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FFWCC), U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (USFWS), Lee County Port Authority, as well as local city and county government agencies.

Matt Howard, PSM

Director of Survey & Mapping

Matt has been with Johnson Engineering since 2000 and has more than four decades of experience in the field of surveying. Matt became a partner of Johnson Engineering in 2005 and is the firm’s Director of Survey and Mapping. He has performed surveys for the public and private sector of Southwest Florida for many years. Matt has performed surveys for large landowners such as Babcock, Kitson Partners, United States Sugar Corporation, Hilliard Brothers of Florida, ALICO, McDaniel Ranch, Bob Paul, Inc. and Bonita Bay Group. Surveys included boundary surveys, topographic surveys, route/right-of-way surveys, construction layout and control surveys. He was born and raised in Hendry County and has a thorough working knowledge of Southwest Florida.

David Trouteaud, PE

Utility Project Engineer

Dave has been associated with Johnson Engineeringsince 2005, when he joined the firm’s utility group. Since joining Johnson Engineering, David has become a project manager for various projects. In the past he has specialized in hydraulic analysis for water, wastewater and irrigation systems. Modeling has become an essential tool in predicting any effects of future infrastructure on existing facilities along with efficiently analyzing deficiencies within the existing system. In addition to modeling, David’s responsibilities include:managing projects and designing utilities for various developments and municipalities in Southwest Florida, permitting of projects through local and state agencies, and overseeing projects throughout construction and closeout phases.

Josh Hildebrand, PE, PTOE

Transportation Engineer

In 2007, Josh began his professional career and has since served as a team member in the transportation services division at Johnson Engineering. He has worked on various projects throughout Southwest Florida and is familiar with traffic studies, supervision of traffic data collection,roadway design, pathway design, construction, and the permitting procedures of the local municipalities. Josh has worked on 100+ traffic / construction feasibility-related engineering studies, roadway and drainage design projects within public right-of-way. This experience provides him with a unique understanding of the development of corridor and intersection design, parking demand, traffic generation, ADA compliance-related challenges, and the permitting requirements on both private and public capital improvement projects.

Laura DeJohn, ACIP

Director of Planning & Landscape Architecture

Laura is the director of the firm’s planning and landscape architecture group. She joined Johnson Engineering in 2004 to lead the planning services in the firm’s Collier County office and is now the Department Director for all planning and landscape architecture efforts for Johnson Engineering. Laura manages projects that involve development feasibility studies, governmental coordination, preparation and presentation of land use and zoning applications, site planning, master planning, and design. She has 20 years of professional experience in the planning field, in both the public and private sector. Prior to joining Johnson Engineering, Laura served five years as a planner for the City of Naples.

Vee Lofton

Director of CEI

Vee joined Johnson Engineering in 2008 and is the Director of the Construction Engineering and Inspection (CEI) team. His experience includes working on FDOT and County transportation projects located in District One, Four and Five, including five years with the Florida Department of Transportation Maintenance and Construction combined. He has worked on a wide variety of transportation improvement projects with varying degrees of complexity as project administrator, contract support specialist and senior lead inspector. Vee currently holds, and is continuing to seek and renew, numerous certifications in the Construction Training Qualification Program (CTQP) qualifications as required by FDOT and FHWA. His extensive experience extends through all facets of roadway and bridge construction, project administration, and inspection in both traditional design-bid-build and design-build. Vee specializes in document control for both quality assurance and quality control testing.

Tim Denison

Environmental Scientist

Tim joined Johnson Engineering in 2003 as an environmental scientist. He currently manages water quality monitoring projects for our water resources group. Tim has developed project specific water quality monitoring programs for several of our clients including Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT), Lee County Natural Resources, Collier County Stormwater, Hendry County, Lee County Port Authority (LCPA), and City of Bonita Springs. His current projects involve testing best management practices (BMPs), total maximum daily load (TMDL) monitoring, stormwater runoff characterization, flow monitoring, and calculating pollutant load reductions. Tim is proficient in Florida Department of Environmental (FDEP) Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) for surface water/groundwater sampling, is active in the Florida Stormwater Association (FSA), and has presented project findings at a variety of stormwater conferences.

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