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Surveying & Mapping

Johnson Engineering has been surveying in Southwest Florida since 1946. We are very proud of our surveying heritage and continue to hold the high professional standards that Carl Johnson, the company’s founder, established many years ago. Our surveying records date back to the 1920s. With this comprehensive database, combined with our years of surveying experience and the latest in surveying hardware and software technology, we can perform any surveying assignment that the public or private sector may need.

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What We Provide

Our surveying and mapping team has provided wide-ranging and specialized services to many public, private, and industrial clients. Our extensive library consists of more than seven decades of land records, early plats, survey drawings, and history in our area, helping us provide our clients with surveys that have measured and defined the lands in Florida. Our team is knowledgeable of local land development codes, statutes, and platting requirements. As a result, we work closely with real estate attorneys, land developers, and lending institutions to provide American Land Title Association (ALTA) surveys needed during the title process when dealing with valuable commercial properties. We create sketches and legal descriptions of real property, easements, water bodies, and conservation areas using graphic and verbal means that mathematically articulate these features. 

 A strength in our survey group is the use of global positioning systems (GPS), digital levels, improved aerial imaging, and traditional survey methods to provide record mapping services to show clients, building officials, and general contractors existing conditions prior to a project followed by the conditions after construction. Construction layout is an essential service provided to land developers, general contractors, and civil engineers helping to bring the designer’s vision to reality. Using GPS and other conventional means of surveying, aerial targets are established or located so that these images are validated to the local horizontal and vertical datum. 

  • ALTA Surveys  
  • Boundary Surveys  
  • Construction Layout 
  • Platting 
  • Record Surveys 
  • Sketches and Legal Descriptions
  • Geotechnical Support 
  • Aerial Support 

Not far below the everyday places we walk and drive exists a maze of utilities. This unseen super highway of conduits carry water, sewer, electricity, and telephone to our homes and businesses. Utility conflicts can cause delays and service interruptions. Our Subsurface Utility Exploration (SUE) team can identify potential conflicts or impacts for proposed utility improvements. Comprehensive and accurate underground utility location and mapping of these vast and complicated networks has become a critical and essential asset to utility providers, general contractors, and municipalities alike. We provide comprehensive and accurate underground utility mapping using non-invasive investigations to locate utility lines, rock strata formations, and even groundwater tables. Using Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) and Subsurface Utility Exploration (SUE), we provide a non and minimally invasive underground location and recovery. Our custom-built StarVAC soft dig vehicle uses a 1200-gallon spoil tank and 28 inches of vacuum power to quickly perform underground investigations. We are able to uncover various underground utilities and create enhanced mapping opportunities for our clients.  

  • Subsurface Utility Exploration (SUE) 
  • Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) 
  • Utility Coordination 
  • GIS Mapping 

Transportation surveying serves as the foundation for all right of way and roadway design projects and is a specialized support service provided to engineers, roadway designers, planners, state, and local departments of transportation. Our team combines both new and traditional survey methods and technologies to offer our clients digital surface terrain models, underground utility location, and quality maps produced from a variety of sources, and precision global positioning systems (GPS). Our team uses the latest software platforms and field surveying techniques to produce digital models of the surface terrain of the earth in 3D graphics. These models provide a virtual rendering of existing ground contour conditions on project locations, enabling us to produce high quality and cost-effective design solutions. In addition, our team prepares quality maps from deeds, plats, tax maps, and field surveys. As a cost saving measure these maps illustrate the impact to local landowners and governments while maximizing opportunities for roadway project management. Combined with traditional surveying methods, our team uses precision GPS and classical geodetic methods, to provide the “framework” used to control the horizontal and vertical aspects of all stages of transportation projects. This service also enables our topographic and photographic data to be used on ground-based survey support to align the survey data in space.

  • Control Surveying
  • Right of Way Mapping
  • Mapping Support
  • Topographic or Design Surveying
  • Digital Terrain Modeling
  • Real Property Descriptions

Johnson Engineering offers hydrographic surveying, which provides maps showing 3-D modeling or contours of area marine channels, canals, and lakes. The results of the survey can also show marine geological features that pose a hazard to navigation such as rocks, shoals, and reefs. The data produced may be required prior to any engineering design and to obtain the necessary permits. Hydrographic surveying is performed by using GPS, sonar-like dept recorders, and Hypack Max software to produce a virtual digital terrain map of the underwater topography. These models can be helpful in analyzing how incoming and outgoing tides affect the movement of sand or other organic materials. We have the ability to map the depth of the organic or silt layers on the bottom, which assist authorities in keeping them operable and clean. They also help determine if channel modifications are needed or assist in obtaining accurate volume and quantity information for excavation or nourishment efforts. These models are rendered in AutoCAD and other programs, then gleaned and transmitted to clients in a variety of formats.

  • Quantities\Volumes Silt Detection
  • Digital Terrain Modeling
  • Utility Location

Our team provides permitting services for coastal projects at the local, state, and federal levels. Our surveying & mapping group is fully equipped to conduct topographic surveys of submerged lands, a typical regulatory agency requirement for coastal projects. Our survey group can obtain elevations of submerged lands and produce water depth contour exhibits, topographic contour exhibits, cross-sections, volume calculations, and 3D modeling. This information complements submerged land biological surveys, both of which are fundamental for the quality design of coastal projects. Our survey group’s expertise in the preparation of sovereign submerged lands surveys and legal descriptions for leases and easements further complements our coastal environmental services capacity. 

  • Mean High Water Surveys 
  • Tide Studies 
  • Submerged Land Leases and Easements 
  • Ordinary High Water Line Surveys 
  • Barrier Island Surveys 
  • Coastal Construction Control Line
  • Erosion Control Line 
  • Beach Profiles 

Surveying & Mapping Project Types

Surveying & Mapping Team

Matt Howard, PSM

Director of Survey & Mapping
Matt has been with Johnson Engineering since 2000 and has more than four decades of experience in the field of surveying. Matt became a partner of Johnson Engineering in 2005 and is the firm’s Director of Survey and Mapping. He has performed surveys for the public and private sector of Southwest Florida for many years. Matt has performed surveys for large landowners such as Babcock, Kitson Partners, United States Sugar Corporation, Hilliard Brothers of Florida, ALICO, McDaniel Ranch, Bob Paul, Inc. and Bonita Bay Group. Surveys included boundary surveys, topographic surveys, route/right-of-way surveys, construction layout and control surveys. He was born and raised in Hendry County and has a thorough working knowledge of Southwest Florida.

David Hyatt PSM

Professional Surveyor & Mapper

David is an experienced surveying and mapping professional with over 38 years of experience. His expertise includes significant project management experience in a variety of areas including boundary surveys, ALTA surveys, topographic surveys, public lands surveys, hydrographic surveys, construction layout, utility surveys, road projects, subdivision design and platting and submerged land leases. His project experience includes platting of single-family home developments, roadway design projects both existing roadway expansion and new road corridors, as well as several unique surveying projects. David's experience spans many parts of Florida. He has been registered as a Florida Professional Surveyor and Mapper since 1998 and has worked in Collier County for over 30 years.


Kevin RisCassi, PSM

Professional Surveyor & Mapper

Kevin joined Johnson Engineering in 2001 and his surveying experience includes control, boundary, topographic, route, hydrographic, construction, GPS, elevation certificates, and mortgage surveys. He has years of field experience as a survey crew chief, as well as a survey technician, and has been licensed as a P.S.M since 2003. Kevin serves as project manager on hydrographic, boundary, design, and construction projects.

Mark Haines, PSM

Professional Surveyor & Mapper

Mark joined Johnson Engineering in 2016 and is the Development Services Surveyor for Johnson Engineering. He grew up in Lee County, has four decades of experience in the field of surveying throughout Florida and has been a licensed professional surveyor since 1994. He holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Surveying and Mapping from the University of Florida.


Mark’s experience includes projects in Lee, Charlotte, Collier, Glades, Hardee, Hendry, Highlands, Okeechobee, Sarasota, and Miami-Dade counties. He has performed surveys for the public and private sectors of Southwest Florida for many years including, large boundary and topographic surveys, control for aerial photogrammetric and LiDAR on large-scale mapping projects, design surveys for both the land development and transportation sectors, mean high water surveys, preparation of legal descriptions and sketches, condominium surveys and exhibits, preparation of plats, as-built and record surveys, various construction survey projects, mapping of jurisdictional wetland lines, and route surveys for large scale utility projects.

Rick Daniels, PSM

Professional Surveyor & Mapper

Rick joined Johnson Engineering as a survey technician in 2013 after 18 years of surveying in the public and private sector, working in the field and office. He started in the U.S. Army as a construction surveyor. He is currently a certified survey technician, Level III and proficient in AutoCad. He has earned a General A.A. degree from Edison State College, a B.A. degree in Geography from the University of South Florida and became a licensed Professional Surveyor and Mapper in 2019. During his time with Johnson Engineering, Rick has performed many services for our clients including: ALTA/ACSM surveys, subsurface utility engineering surveys, right-of-way mapping, topographic surveys, preparation of easement and parcel descriptions, digital terrain modeling, preparation of subdivision plats, and preparation of construction calculations.

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