Celebrating 75 years in Business: 1946-2020
  • Land Development
  • Planning & Landscape Architecture
  • Water Resources
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  • Surveying & Mapping
  • Transportation
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Established in 1946, Johnson Engineering has a team of more than 120 employees including professional engineers, ecologists, scientists, geologists, surveyors and mappers, certified planners, and landscape architects throughout Florida. Our extensive list of well-known Florida roads, shopping centers, schools, hospitals, residential communities, resorts, and commercial developments show our continued responsibility in developing Florida’s communities.

We are a civil engineering firm and our team specializes in site development; planning; landscape architecture; water resources, which includes surface water, groundwater, and water quality services; environmental consulting; electrical engineering; surveying and mapping; geographic information systems (GIS); subsurface utility engineering (SUE); transportation design; construction observation and inspection (CEI); and utilities.

Johnson Engineering has offices in Fort Myers, Naples, Port Charlotte, LaBelle, Clewiston, Lutz, and Miami. While Johnson Engineering is focused on growing and evolving to continue serving the needs of Florida, it remains true to its past and the values upon which the company was founded.

Land Development

Land development encompasses a broad spectrum of project types, such as urban redevelopment, mixed-use, residential, commercial, and institutional. Each project has unique needs, and our extensive range of experience in all areas of development allows us to develop a specific approach to meet our client’s vision, goals, and timelines. Our team has a proven track record of successfully designing and permitting public and private sector projects for over seven decades. We ensure client satisfaction by providing unsurpassed customer service, and by continually evolving to help guide our clients through today’s design, permitting, and construction challenges.

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Planning & Landscape Architecture

Our planning and landscape architecture team helps our clients effectively develop a strategy tailored to the needs, timeline and budget of each individual project. We use a systematic process to envision the desired end result, translate the key goals and objectives, outline steps to achieve these goals, and help identify costly and time consuming issues and manage them in advance. It is imperative in today’s environment not to underestimate the importance of your planning team as a solid foundation to your project.

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Water Resources

Our water resources group is comprised of specialized teams to provide our clients surface water management, water quality studies, and groundwater services. Our team of professional engineers, scientists, and geologists are specifically dedicated to analysis, design and permitting of the ecological and water management aspects of projects. The specialized nature of our teams allows us to stay knowledgeable on current regulations and advancements to better assist the needs of our clients.

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Florida’s ecology is delicate and irreplaceable, which makes it a critical element in many engineering projects. The services that our environmental team offers is ecological assessments, threatened and endangered species surveys habitat restoration, preparation of permit applications, mitigation design, digital image mapping, and wetland determinations. Through careful planning, a balance between nature and man can be achieved, preserving the environment for future generations.

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Surveying & Mapping

Johnson Engineering’s surveying and mapping has a long standing and time honored reputation throughout Florida. Since 1946, our survey group has provided wide ranging and specialized surveying services to many public, private and industrial clients. Providing land surveying, hydrographic surveying, transportation surveying and Geographic Information Systems (GIS) services. Our custom-built soft dig vehicle allows us to quicky locate underground utilities through Subsurface Utility Exploration (SUE), saving clients time and money. With a diversified and experienced team of professionals, we understand that relationships, close coordination and successful project management is why we continue to be the consultant of choice for surveying and mapping throughout Florida.

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In Florida effective transportation facilities are critical to commerce, tourism, economic development, as well as the lifestyle we have grown accustomed to as Floridians. As Florida grows transportation issues become more important than ever. Our transportation group understands this and is ready to address the challenges we face. This group consists of two primary teams; design and construction engineering and inspection (CEI). Our design team focuses on the development aspect of transportation, taking needs and turning them into a plan. Our CEI team assists roadway owners and municipalities in the construction of transportation facilities, taking plans and turning them into effective operational solutions. Working in concert with our other in-house disciplines, the traveling public and the client, our transportation group has enjoyed a successful history of providing comprehensive transportation services.

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Utilities play a fundamental part in our everyday lives, yet we take for granted the vast systems of water, irrigation and sewer lines that run beneath us, and the engineering it took to provide such consistent service. Using subsurface soft dig technology (SUE), we are able to quickly and cost effectively locate underground utilities. The utilities market group of Johnson Engineering is a highly motivated and energetic group of professionals dedicated to the water and wastewater industry. Our expertise has brought water to homes, fire hydrants, drinking fountains, and swimming pools throughout Florida. Johnson Engineering has also provided wastewater systems for entire communities. As the population grows, utilities infrastructure must be engineered with expansion in mind. Foresight, which saves money and time, is a strength of our team.

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Geographic Information Systems (GIS)

All data have a spatial component. Our GIS team can help you turn your data into valuable insight. We use ESRI’s ArcGIS technology to provide an array of mapping, data management, and spatial analysis solutions. Land developers rely on our GIS modeling capabilities to target their investments. Government agencies depend on our data development to broaden their spatial data inventory. We also help new enterprises design and implement a GIS that meets their objectives, then support these enterprises with targeted training and technical assistance. Mobile and web based online mapping displays specific GIS data layers to standard web browsers, iOS and Android tablets and phones, greatly expanding the data accessibility in the field.

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