Since 2011 we have been providing our clients with the tools to have real-time data interaction with their projects. Our GIS team developed a Mobile Mapping application for iPhone, iPad, and Android mobile devices, as well as for standard desktop web browsers, using ESRI’s ArcGIS Online technology. ESRI is the industry standard for GIS applications. Using the device’s GPS location information, this technology allows clients to see their current position on an aerial background and turn on/off secured project specific data layers generated from our server, or the client’s internal GIS server. Any site specific information you want to track can be input to GIS and mapped out for future use.

Throughout the last three years this application has become very useful to a wide variety of our clients, both private and public. It’s a huge benefit for clients to efficiently access their various facilities data while on the move. We’ve assisted multiple municipalities with mapping projects such as their public utility lift stations, underground utility lines and mains, well locations, stormwater facilities, environmental assessments, wetland and species mapping, roadway intersections, as well as agricultural and ranching operations. Visually mapping specific locations or boundaries, characteristics, and other pertinent site information helps make more informed decisions about operations, assists with permit compliance, and ultimately helps the project run more efficiently.

If you think this Mobile Mapping technology would be helpful to your business, contact Mike Lohr, P.S.M. at [email protected].