Johnson Engineering and the City of Fort Myers Public Works Department embarked on a project to upgrade a pump station and replace a large transmission force main on Coronado Road off Cleveland Avenue in the City of Fort Myers. This multifaceted project evolved to include the renovation of a small community park known as Coronado Park.

Our landscape architecture team took the lead and prepared multiple community vision concepts for the outdated and deteriorating neighborhood park. The improved park was designed to facilitate various community activities. A few of the upgrades included an updated age-specific playground structure, pavilions, new lighting, ornamental fencing, hardscape, benches, picnic tables, water fountain, improved bicycle parking, and security fencing for the renovated lift station. The space also includes a new dog park with pet friendly embellishments, such as a doggie fountain and rinse down area. The playground area was designed using pervious rubber surface to allow water to flow through into a subsurface stormwater drainage system designed by our team. A combination of concrete walkways and Flexipave® permeable rubberized walkways were used strategically throughout the park to reduce impacts to existing tree roots of the mature oaks and other shade trees.

The key to the success of the park renovation was an ongoing dialogue between our entire design team and the City’s Parks and Beautification team. It’s a park this community can enjoy for decades to come. For more information contact Jeff Nagle, RLA at [email protected].