This winter marked an end of an era as two veteran Johnson Engineering employees said their good-byes and ventured into retirement. Don Garretson, a senior technician in the transportation market group, retired after 38 years of managing plan production for numerous roadways throughout Southwest Florida. Don joined Johnson Engineering in 1973 and was the project manager for many well known roadways, including Del Prado Boulevard, Veterans Parkway, Livingston Road, Metro Parkway and was chief designer for S.R. 776 in Charlotte County.

Gary Bull, Johnson Engineering’s chief financial officer, announced his retirement after 26 years of service. Gary served on the company’s Board of Directors and was director of the administrative market group. Gary handled the finances, client relations and contract management, as well as growth and risk management for the company.

We thank Gary and Don for their valued years of service to Johnson Engineering and wish them well in their retirements. Should you have any questions, please contact Kevin Winter at 239.461.2473 or [email protected].