outlook-newsletter-summer-2010-issue-31-1-1The Charlotte County Board of County Commissioners recognized our efforts in support of the County’s first annual Southwest Florida Green Futures Expo and Energy Options Conference held last year. Commissioners proclaimed April 13, 2010 as “Johnson Engineering Day” in Charlotte County. The proclamation below was presented to Steve Morrison, Jaime Boswell, and Chris Beers by Commissioner Duffy at the April 13th Charlotte County Commission meeting.

In support of Charlotte County’s endeavor to attract industries that promote environmentally-friendly and renewable energy concepts and practices, Johnson Engineering ecologist Jaime Boswell provided a carbon assessment for the two-day event. Her calculations determined to offset the 30 metric tons of carbon dioxide created by the event, 23 Cypress trees over their lifetime, would equalize the amount of carbon generated by the event. These trees where purchased from a Charlotte County nursery and planted earlier this year at Florida Gulf Coast University.