As we enter our 75th year in business, we want to take time to reflect on this remarkable accomplishment
showing devotion and perseverance, instilling a solid appreciation for our rich history. Few companies can
claim to have had more of an impact on shaping Southwest Florida than Johnson Engineering.
Our team has spent decades adapting to an ever-changing industry. As regulations were imposed,
technology advanced, and the population surged, it was our duty to anticipate, guide, and provide
reliable long-term solutions for development. Our leaders’ vision and commitment collectively molded
us into the successful multiple disciplined engineering company we have become today.
We continue to add knowledgeable professionals who specialize in the various layers of civil engineering
and other services, and allow them to focus on providing the specific services needed to complete all
aspects of a project.

Johnson Engineering is a company with a historical backbone, with longevity and integrity at its core.
We are proud of our past, of those who came before us, and we continue to move into the future with
the solid foundation of values and practices they bestowed before us.