Calling Lee County home for the last 70 years, it’s an exciting time for us to see Southwest Florida continue to take shape as the residents of Estero formed their own village. Considered part of unincorporated Lee County until the November 2014 election, Estero lies in southern Lee County, just south of Fort Myers and north of Bonita Springs.

The Village of Estero was subsequently established in December 2014, and voters elected a Village council to lead them through the next four years which includes: William Ribble (District 1), Howard Levitan (District 2), Donald Brown (District 3), Katy Errington (District 4), Jim Boesch (District 5), Nicholas Batos (District 6), and Jim Wilson (District 7). After their swearing in on March 17, 2015, the Council’s first order of business was electing Mayor Nicholas Batos and Vice-Mayor Howard Levitan.

Our company has a rich history with the Estero area. Our crews have performed land surveys in Estero since the late 1940’s and our historical archive has maps and survey records dating back to the 1920’s. In addition, we have provided hundreds of boundary and topographic surveys within the Village of Estero, including providing surveys for the Koreshan Unity in the 1950’s, and the boundary survey of Koreshan State Historic Site in 1962. In 1963, our surveyors provided the original boundary survey of Chapel Ridge, which later became known as West Bay Club. From the 1960’s to today, our team has managed the planning, design, permitting, and environmental monitoring activities for West Bay Club, including the stormwater management system, potable water and sanitary sewer extension, entitlement from permitting agencies, coordination of construction staking, construction observation, and contract administration.

Today we continue to work with many of the communities within the Village of Estero. Our site development team can be found helping with the design and permitting of Coastal Village, lake bank restoration for Lighthouse Bay at The Brooks, and are just getting the final permits for construction for the Courtyards of Estero. Our water resources team has permitted many sites throughout Estero, including working with Lee County Utilities on Corkscrew Wellfield and provided a preliminary reclaimed water evaluation for Pelican’s Nest. They have also worked within Shadow Wood Preserve, Breckenridge, Wildcat Run, and The Brooks to provide water level, flow, and water quality monitoring. We have worked as the Engineer of Record for a few Estero Community Development Districts, and have also provided NPDES related permitting work. In 2005, our team formed a collaborative partnership with Bonita Bay and FDEP, to monitor long term stormwater Best Management Practice effectiveness in Southwest Florida. The results were published in the Spring 2013 Florida Scientists Journal.

With close to 100 years of work experience in the Estero area, we are excited about Estero’s future, and we are eager to help in the continued establishment of this new Village.

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