The Florida Greenbook is a manual of uniform minimum standards for design, construction, and maintenance for streets and highways This manual is intended for use on all public roads that are not part of the State Highway System, or non-FDOT controlled roads.

The Florida Greenbook Advisory Committee meets annually to review and update design standards. This year’s meeting was recently held on March 26-27 in Tampa. Once the committee makes recommended changes, they have to go through rule making at the State level. The lengthy process results in new adopted rules, usually no more often than two years. The last official version of the manual is dated 2011, with the 2013 version approaching final approval in the next few months. There have been no challenges to the items in the 2013 version, so while it is not yet official, it is still very good guidance.

The 2013 version has a new Chapter 20: Drainage, which brings together in one place guidance for project design dependent on roadway type. In addition to the new chapter, there are also updates of definitions and updates to chapters on Geometric Design, Pavement Design and Construction, Rail-Highway Grade Crossings, Pedestrian Facilities, Maintenance and Resurfacing, Public Transit, and Traditional Neighborhood Design.

The link to the Greenbook page is If you are not already registered for updates to the FDOT publications including the Greenbook use the following link to register: For more information, contact our Director of Water Resources, Andy Tilton, P.E., who serves on the Florida Greenbook Advisory Committee at [email protected].