In 2010, the City of Fort Myers launched their Adopt-A-Canal program. This program was designed as an attempt to decrease the amount of litter that flows through the City’s municipal separate storm sewer system, ultimately affecting the health of the Caloosahatchee River. The City selected 10 canals covering 12 miles of waterways and encouraged local businesses to adopt one canal and remove debris on a quarterly basis.Johnson Engineering chose to adopt Carrell Canal, the vital water way that discharges directly into the Caloosahatchee River and runs through a water basin we designed at the Fort Myers Country Club. By keeping this portion of the canal clean, it not only helps maintain the pristine appearance of the Fort Myers Country Club, it allows our water management system to run more efficiently and helps to improve the water quality before discharging into the river.

Johnson Engineering previously received a first place Community Service Award from the City of Fort Myers for our successful efforts removing more trash than any of the seven other businesses participating in the program.

Although originally committing to two years, our employees have continued to donate their time on a regular basis throughout the last 11 years to collect trash and debris from the canal. To date, volunteers have collected an astonishing 454 bags of debris, totaling nearly 25,000 gallons of trash from the one mile stretch of canal.
We made this commitment because of our deep roots in the community dating back 75 years. Our firm has worked, in one capacity or another, on all of the canals in this program throughout our long history and we want to continue doing our part to help improve the health of our community.

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