Johnson Engineering is proud to be the civil engineer collaborating closely with GHC Architects DBA BSSW Architects for the much-needed renovation of Riverdale High School in Lee County. Established in 1972, the school is currently undergoing vital renovations to enhance overall campus infrastructure, accommodate the growing student population, and facilitate extracurricular activities.

The renovation plans include the construction of a new science building, a new sports complex gymnasium spanning approximately 40,400 square feet, as well as new sports fields, sand volleyball courts, and additional student parking.

This extensive project involves numerous components and requires close collaboration with various companies. Adding to the complexity, renovations are occurring during school hours, with 2,000 students present. Throughout the project, our foremost priority is ensuring student safety while minimizing disruptions to the school’s daily operations. This includes the critical task of renovating the sanitary sewer, fire, and potable water systems without interruption of service.

One of the most significant enhancements is the redesigned front access, aimed at optimizing parent pick-up and drop-off procedures. By consolidating the school access points from three to one, the new design prioritizes safety and security while improving traffic flow during peak hours.

We recognize the pivotal role that educational institutions play in shaping the future, and we take great pride in contributing our expertise to projects that enhance learning environments for students in our community.

For more information contact Dana Hume at [email protected].