Johnson Engineering has expanded our marine capabilities. In addition to our aquatic ecologists with unique experience in seagrass restoration, we now offer a range of marine biological services, including benthic habitat mapping, coral reef monitoring, artificial reef studies, sea turtle expertise, and marine impact assessments.

Our marine experts have provided permit support for a variety of coastal projects including inlet management, beach nourishment and placement of shore protection structures, utilities, dock construction, and ports and marinas. These capabilities allow us to provide a full suite of environmental services to our clients for large projects spanning terrestrial and coastal environments with a “one-stop shop” approach that covers the entire project cycle and streamlines management.



Specific capabilities include:
– Joint Coastal Permit (JCP) and Environmental Resource Permit (ERP) support
– Regulatory agency coordination
– ESA Section 7 consultation
– Essential Fish Habitat assessment and consultation
– Reef fish census
– Estuarine fish capture studies
– Marine habitat mapping and GIS deliverables
– Before-After, Control-Impact (BACI) studies
– Artificial reef design and monitoring for habitat equivalency
– Coral relocation and restoration
– Seagrass impact studies and restoration
– Dune and coastal planting plans
– Mangrove creation/mitigation design
– Water quality monitoring
– Protected species assessments

For more information, contact Jessica Ward at [email protected]