Outlook Newsletter Spring 2011 IssueJohnson Engineering recognizes the financial, environmental and social benefits of sustainability. We have taken initial steps toward more efficient business operations. The first step was to conduct a baseline greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions inventory, prepared by our own ecologist Jaime Boswell who has earned a certificate in GHG accounting from the Greenhouse Gas Management Institute. The inventory accounted for the entire company’s energy and vehicle usage, and the resultant carbon dioxide and other GHG emissions during the 2009 calendar year. This inventory provided a mechanism for us to determine where we could eliminate unnecessary emissions through implementing the most cost-beneficial changes, such as maximizing air conditioning efficiency.

The terms “green” and “sustainable” are being used more often to market products and services, and the validity of these claims is coming into question. Our GHG emissions inventory and reduction strategy allows us to scientifically measure our progress on becoming a more sustainably conscious company. An initial assessment of 2010 data shows that company-wide energy use was down more than 6% compared to 2009, resulting in cost-savings of over $10,000. We look forward to furthering this effort and improving our operations to help the bottom line of both our company and our environment.