In true Lee Health fashion, the promise of providing patient oriented service is evident yet again with the expansion of the Southwest Florida Regional Cancer Center (RCC) to better accommodate patient care. Lee Health recognized that when someone is ill, the last thing they should be doing is running around town to receive various treatments. With that in mind, in 2008 Lee Heath opened the RCC, which partnered with private cancer-care practices including, Florida Cancer Specialists, 21st Century Oncology, and Florida Gynecologic Oncology, to provide a comprehensive center allowing patients to receive multiple health services in one location.

Sadly, the sharp increase in cancer diagnoses throughout the last nine years has pushed the RCC to its maximum capacity, compelling Lee Health to expand the facility. Careful thought was put into every aspect of the new 24,000 sq. ft. space gearing it towards patient comfort and ease of access.

Expected to be completed in 2018, the expansion will provide additional research space for cutting edge diagnosis, more specialized medical staff, expanded cancer treatment services, and a new pharmacy. The transformation should also attract new physicians to the area who are eager to be part of a leading edge facility.

As the civil engineer for this project, our role is to design the site, drainage, landscape architecture, utilities, and parking, while also working closely with the design team to incorporate innovative recommendations to remain consistent with their overall vision. This teamwork can be seen throughout the project, but the most identifiable may be the required utility easement running through the middle of the property. Rather than a stark open space, it will be transformed into a therapeutic garden area for all to enjoy. In initial design meetings, Lee Health also requested we add more than the required number of handicap spaces and valet parking, which is just another example of their continued commitment to providing patient-centered care with respect and compassion.

For more information, contact Dana Hume, P.E. at [email protected].