Johnson Engineering donated 45 workstation cubicles and flat file cabinets to the School District of Lee County (SDLC), valuing more than $100,000. Throughout our last 73 years in business, we have accumulated quite a collection of workstation cubicles, shelves, and accessories. When we built our new corporate office, the adjacent mid-century brick building we originally occupied, became more of a storage space housing decades of office supplies and equipment. Today, a portion of the space is being rented by Lee Health for their cultural transformation training center. We soon realized that this space could be better utilized for our community, so it was time to stop storing and start donating the extra equipment to those who could use it.

The SDLC seemed like the most appropriate choice, knowing it would benefit the students and staff by providing much needed working areas that could be used throughout the school district. The SDLC Maintenance Department spent a better part of a week carefully inventorying and loading up all the workstations and flat files. With donations like this, it’s one less thing the school district will have to purchase, meaning more funds available to spend on important needs like student safety.

For more information, contact Juli Kern at (239) 334-0046 or [email protected].