Our surveying and mapping team recently added new echolocation sounding equipment to their hydrographic surveying equipment arsenal. Hydrographic surveys are meant to measure the depth and bottom configuration of water bodies. The Echotrac CVM’s dual frequency transducer allows our team to determine an actual bottom depth by penetrating through the vegetation, giving a better idea of where the actual bottom is. This technology is a valuable resource when surveying Florida waterways, where objects such as seagrass or other water plants can often mislead outdated equipment and provide inaccurate readings.

This highly specialized surveying is performed by our team using either our 20’ Kencraft Bay Rider with 115 HP Yamaha Outboard, a 14’ Jon Boat with 15 HP Yamaha Outboard, or our 10’ Jon Boat with 9.9 HP Yamaha Outboard, based on the needs and size of the project. Each can be equipped with the Echotrac CVM Odom, Single and Dual Frequency Hydrographic Echo Sounders, a Trimble R5800 GPS Receiver, Stand-Alone RTK Capabilities, and Hypack Max Software on Toughbook Laptops.

Once the data is collected and verified, CADD technicians create a model in AutoCAD Civil 3-D to show marine geological features that may pose a hazard to navigation such as rocks, shoals, and reefs. The data produced also may be required prior to an engineering design and may be necessary to obtain permits.

For more information on how this advanced technology could help your next project, please contact Mark Texter at [email protected].