Collier County staff is working through the re-evaluation of long-term plans and policies for four areas of the County. Commonly referred to as the “restudies,” these planning efforts are focused on maintaining and improving the effectiveness of the existing plans with a focus on complementary land uses, economic vitality, mobility and environmental sustainability.

The four areas under review are the Rural Fringe Mixed Use District, Golden Gate Area Master Plan, Immokalee Area Master Plan, and the Rural Land Stewardship Area. As part of the Golden Gate Area Master Plan restudy, the Johnson Engineering planning team is supporting the County staff in the effort to re-imagine the future for the Golden Gate City.

While it’s not an incorporated municipality, Golden Gate City is a four-square mile area that is a central hub in the heart of the County’s populated region. Golden Gate City is home to 24,000 residents with conveniently located schools, parks, and businesses. By comparison, the City of Naples has a similar permanent population.

The County held public workshops to confirm the community’s vision for Golden Gate City as a safe, diverse, family-oriented community that offers easy access to education, parks, shopping and services within a vibrant, walkable community. With most of the housing, schools, parks, and shopping in place, the next step to accomplish this vision is to craft the plans and policies that help improve the pedestrian realm, introduce more housing and business types, and foster a sense of place. Our planning team worked with County staff to craft plans illustrating how to do just that.

Our team’s concept plans and perspectives show how the Golden Gate Parkway corridor can transform from its current state to a more walkable, vibrant and viable place. With the aid of images like these, County leaders, staff and the community can see their vision unfold and craft policies and standards to make it a reality. It’s true, a picture is worth a thousand words!

For more information, contact Laura DeJohn, AICP at [email protected].