Our water resources team’s project report findings were recently published in the spring 2013 issue of the Florida Scientist journal. Our article named “Using a Collaborative Partnership to Monitor Stormwater Best Management Practice Effectiveness: A Process and Project Summary” provided a summary of their public/private partnership monitoring the effectiveness of stormwater BMPs in Southwest Florida.

For the last eight years, Johnson Engineering has collaborated with FDEP, The Bonita Bay Group and, most recently, Florida Gulf Coast University’s (FGCU) Inland Ecology Research Group, conducting various research projects to evaluate how effective these BMPs are in treating water quality. To date, we have performed multiple studies throughout Southwest Florida, including the Green Roof Study, Pervious/Impervious Pavement Study, Deep and Shallow Lake Aeration Study (Phase 1 and 2), and the Long Term Discharge Study, which included water quality and groundwater/surface water interaction components.

To view the Florida Scientist article, or other online water quality reports, visit our GIS website at www.johnsongis.com/htm/ProjReview.htm.

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