outlook-newsletter-fall-2011-issue-36-1-12For the second consecutive year, Church Roberts of our environmental market group, was invited to participate in panel discussions at the Marco Island Environmental Permitting Summer School and the American Water Resource Association (AWRA) Annual Meeting.

Church presented on the “Essentials on Obtaining an ERP” at the Marco Island Environmental Permitting Summer School. His focus was on natural resource issues involving wetlands, fish, wildlife, and listed species, elimination and reduction of wetland impacts, mitigation, secondary impacts, cumulative impacts and the new rules addressing wetland issues associated with water use permitting.

At the AWRA annual meeting, Church presented on water quality trading, with an emphasis on opportunities for the Caloosahatchee River. Water quality trading is a market based tool, which would allow dischargers to determine the most cost-effective way to reduce pollutants. Church emphasized that it would encourage conservation and add value to privately-owned ecologically sensitive land.

Contact Church directly with questions regarding these or other environmental topics at [email protected].