Johnson Engineering’s principal landscape architect, Jeff Nagle, RLA, had the pleasure of working with a Ms. Lewter’s 4th grade students at Babcock Neighborhood School to create a Garden of Acceptance.

The class assignment was to create a school environment that was accepting of all students and their diverse traits. The students brainstormed and decided on a garden. They envisioned this garden to be a place that anyone could visit to feel safe and not be judged. The students came up with a layout and overall design, then requested Johnson Engineering’s help determining appropriate plant selections, location, and planting arrangement.

Jeff prepared a presentation to help teach the children basic landscape design and plant cultural considerations. He explained how they needed to consider the surroundings, the soil, irrigation, orientation of the garden for shade/sun, spacing, plant growth habits, etc. After reviewing photos and discussing each potential plant type, voting by show of hands, the class narrowed down the list of plants that could live and grow in their garden. Together, they came up with a final design and a plan of action to get the supplies, plants, and how to maintain it. The Johnson Engineering landscape architectural team has volunteered to assist the class with the planting process, which will give our team the opportunity to demonstrate proper planting techniques that will help contribute to the success of the garden and teach the students how to be good stewards of the environment.

The students, as well as all who visit the Babcock Ranch Neighborhood School, will soon be able to sit in The Garden of Acceptance, look around, and feel a sense of accomplishment that they created this very special space. It’s a rewarding experience to be part of watching children grow and learn about the environment around them and how it can make you feel.

For more information, contact Jeff Nagle, RLA, at 239.334.0046 or [email protected].