Johnson Engineering offers ArcGIS online mobile mapping solutions. We were the first Florida company to achieve ESRI’s ArcGIS Online Specialty level recognition. We can make your GIS data more available to your staff via a secure online system so that it can be easily viewed and edited by smartphones, tablets, and web browsers, making that data more useful and accessible. This is a low-cost approach without the need for an in-house GIS staff.

Our construction engineering & inspection (CEI) team is currently utilizing this modern technology on two Lee County projects, Estero Boulevard and Homestead Road. A GIS base map is created for the project based off the original plan digital linework, after which any combination of information can be incorporated into the map as the project progresses. Useful information may include digital photographs, shop drawings, equipment information, test results, etc. One particularly helpful aspect on these projects is in the generation and tracking of “punch lists.” Project deficiencies can easily be documented, located, mapped, and the status tracked with this GIS application. This is another example of utilizing technology to more quickly and efficiently improve our community.

For more information on mobile mapping solutions, contact Mike Lohr, PSM, at [email protected].