Shaping Florida Communities – Throughout the last 70 years, Johnson Engineering has worked with some great clients and been a part of countless projects that have helped to shape the face of our communities.

Outlook Newsletter Winter 2015/16Our team has spent seven decades adapting to an ever-changing industry. As regulations were imposed, technology advanced, and the population surged, it was our duty to anticipate, guide, and provide reliable long-term solutions for development.

Our leaders continued to add knowledgeable professionals who specialized in the various layers of civil engineering and allowed them to focus on providing the specific services needed to complete all aspects of a project.

We are proud of our past, of those who came before us, and we continue to move into the future with the solid foundation of values and practices they bestowed before us.





1940s- 50s- 60s

Our story began in 1946 when Clewiston surveyor, Carl E. Johnson, P.L.S., purchased the assets of a local surveying company owned by Harry K. Davison, well-known in the Southwest Florida community since the early 1900s. Carl established an office in downtown Fort Myers. His surveying work during the next twenty years stretched from Collier County to all surrounding counties. The well-known Lovers Key/Carl E. Johnson State Park in Fort Myers Beach became a reality largely due to Carl Johnson’s efforts helping to acquire the land and surveying the island in the mid-1960s.

In 1968, Carl sold the company to Archie T. Grant, P.E., P.L.S., who established a strategic plan to ensure the company’s future success. He subsequently asked Forrest H. Banks, P.E. to join the firm in 1969 as Vice President. What started as one man surveying Southwest Florida began to develop into a team of professionals offering not only surveying, but a broad spectrum of civil engineering sub-disciplines. With each decade, the company continued to evolve as technologies changed to best serve the needs of clients.



In 1972, Archie established a new company headquarters on Johnson Street off McGregor Boulevard in downtown Fort Myers, where the company still resides today. In the 1970s desks were drafting tables and everything was drawn by hand using T-squares, triangles, compasses, and pencils. There were no computers or cell phones, only typewriters and landline phones.

Throughout the 1970s projects centered around building new infrastructure, highways, streets, roads, airports, water supply, wastewater management, and water resources. The company became the local expert for developing and updating water management plans, establishing water levels, and designing master drainage plans. In 1979, Forrest H. Banks, P.E., became the company’s third president and by the end of the decade the company grew to a team of around 50 employees, seven of whom remarkably still work here today.



Throughout the 1980s business was transformed significantly by the introduction of computers and cell phones. The population in Southwest Florida doubled and development was flourishing. The company contributed to shaping many of the area’s recognizable airports, schools, shopping plazas, and residential communities. Land planning and Geographic Information Systems (GIS) were the new services added to compliment the civil engineering work. By the end of the decade the team grew to nearly 100 employees.



As the company continued to grow, two new offices were established in Naples and Port Charlotte. The company started offering FDOT Construction Observation & Inspection (CEI).

In 1995, in an effort to better assist clients, the company reorganized its corporate structure, establishing six separate market groups; Surveying & Mapping, Site Development, Water Resources, Transportation & CEI, Utilities, and Planning. Many well-known highways, hospitals, universities, parks, and commercial developments have resulted from our efforts throughout the 1990s.

In 1997, Steven K. Morrison, P.E., was elected as the company’s fourth president, succeeding Forrest Banks. The team grew to 130.



Significant growth occurred as the employee count doubled in a mere five years to 260 employees by 2005. Johnson Engineering was named in ZweigWhite’s annual list of the 100 Fastest Growing Engineering/Architectural Firms in the United States. Landscape Architecture was added to the list of services the company provides. An office was established in LaBelle, and a year later in Pasco County.

In 2007, the corporate headquarters on Johnson Street expanded, doubling its square footage. The year 2008 brought the economic downturn, forcing the company to dramatically cut expenses and resulted in downsizing back to less than 100 employees.


2010 – Today

The company was fortunate to rebound from the economic downturn and to date 14% of our current workforce was rehired. In 2012, Lonnie V. Howard, P.E., was elected president, succeeding Steve Morrison. The company’s continued growth allowed us to establish five additional offices in Sebring, Clewiston, Pembroke Pines, Lakeland, and Miami.

Today we have a team of 115 dedicated team members. Our average employee tenure is 12 years, nearly a quarter of our employees have been here for more than 20 years, and an astonishing 10% have been here for more than 30 years. This is a testimony of our character and commitment to uphold the company’s traditions together as we move forward to provide new specialties and fields of study, looking for ways to continue shaping Florida’s communities.


Thank you for 30+ years of dedicated service

In 2016, this group of 11 loyal Johnson Engineering employees will reach impressive anniversaries. Their commitment to Johnson Engineering for 30+ years of service has helped to shape who the company has become today. Through their hard work and dedication, each has contributed greatly to our success.

30 years of dedicated service