Many HOAs and CDDs are responsible for handling unique situations and concerns in their communities. Johnson Engineering can help ease the workload by assisting with monitoring, permit compliance, inspections, feasibility studies and assessments, design consulting, and facility upgrades.

Florida’s sunshine and blue waters draw visitors and residents who are looking for the comfort and pleasure of a beautiful, high quality environment in which to live, work, and enjoy life. This attraction to the area has brought about development of many master planned communities which we’ve been a part of throughout our 63 years in business here. We have provided our diverse range of surveying, planning, engineering, environmental, transportation, landscape architecture and hydrogeological services to build and maintain the quality of these types of communities throughout Florida.

From the front end, our designers and technical experts prepare the plans for residential, commercial, and mixed use developments. Eventually, most of these developments transfer from the control of developers to the control of Homeowner Associations (HOA) and Community Development Districts (CDD). These HOAs and CDDs are typically served by a management company or staff, and over the years they are faced with managing and maintaining unique situations and concerns of their communities. We are well positioned to assist with the challenges and desires of residents and property managers as their community matures. With the advantage of our expertise in the front end design and implementation of community development projects, we are prepared to assist with ongoing requirements and changing needs that arise.

Monitoring, permit compliance, inspections, feasibility studies and assessments, design consulting, and facility upgrades are just a few services our experts can handle. We have outlined below the services we provide to assist in community development and longevity.

Planning and Development Services
For both new and established communities, our engineers and certified planners have the expertise to help maintain and improve their unique character. We can help with strategies to fulfill permit compliance as well as accomplish community goals. We can also provide:


  • Capital projects – feasibility studies, design, permitting, bidding, inspection and certification services
  • Planned development and Development of Regional Impact (DRI) monitoring or closeout
  • Infrastructure assessment services
  • Inventory and audit of permits and permit conditions

Preserve and Wildlife Management Services
Our ecologists can develop and implement a specific preserve and wildlife management plan to benefit wildlife and reduce the potential wildfire risk. We conduct environmental surveys to evaluate the presence of protected wildlife, locate wildfire risk areas, and identify invasive plants threatening natural ecosystems. We offer preserve planting restoration, littoral shelves stabilization, and delineation of preserve boundaries. We can research and review the community’s local, state, and federal operating guidelines to verify its compliance. Our team can:

  • Conduct wildlife species inventory
  • Identify exotic and nuisance species
  • Promote and implement an urban burn program
  • Create and establish preserve signage

Irrigation Services
Our team of utility engineers and professionals can analyze a community’s irrigation system and provide the best recommendation for improvements to make the system function efficiently and ultimately save the community money. We can help by providing the following services:

  • Investigate low pressure concerns
  • Develop options for improvements: optimize timers, new pipes and larger pumps
  • Provide budgeting information for future installation
  • Install monitoring equipment and data collection devices
  • Research grant money and application assistance
  • Design of irrigation wells, pump stations and upgrades

Water Use Permit Compliance Monitoring Services
Most residential communities hold irrigation water use permits that commonly include limiting conditions which require the periodic collection of data and submittal to Water Management Districts (WMD). We routinely perform these data collection and reporting services for HOAs, CDDs, resorts, golf courses, agricultural operations, and government entities throughout Florida. Our hydrogeologists and environmental scientists can assist with:

  • Monthly irrigation water pumpage
  • Water level monitoring in wetlands
  • Water quality monitoring (dissolved chlorides)
  • Reporting of collected data to the WMD
  • Water use accounting (flowmeter verification)

Landscape Architecture Services
It has been said time and again that the biggest return on the investment a homeowner can make is proper landscaping. Our landscape architects can upgrade the design of landscape elements for better curb appeal, adjust plants for less maintenance and reduced water consumption. We can also provide:

  • Entry feature upgrade and design
  • Water feature design and landscape lighting design
  • Logo, signs and identity design
  • Design review committee services
  • Horticultural/arbor maintenance evaluation
  • Pre and post storm damage cost evaluation

For more information on how Johnson Engineering can assist with your community management needs, contact Laura DeJohn at 239.461.4331.



Johnson Engineering sponsored the first annual Charlotte County Green Expo and Energy Options Conference this past November, by providing a greenhouse gas assessment of the multi-day event and assistance in event coordination. The expo highlighted the sustainable products and services of more than 60 exhibitors attracting more than 2,000 visitors. In addition, the conference brought together an impressive array of speakers to discuss positioning Southwest Florida as a leader in the alternative energy industry.

The event was spear-head by the Charlotte County Economic Development Office (CEDO) as a part of their targeted efforts to attract alternative energy companies and “green” businesses to the region to boost the local economy. During the event the CEDO was excited to announce their success in already attracting two innovative European companies to Charlotte County. According to a recent economic analysis, clean energy and climate legislation have the potential to create a substantial demand in the alternative energy and energy efficiency sector, and is forecasted to create 78,000 jobs in Florida by 2020. Charlotte County is actively ensuring some of those jobs will be in our region.

Charlotte County is not alone in recognizing the growing market and demand for sustainable forms of energy and sustainable development. The University of Florida Institute of Food and Agriculture Science Extension and the SustainabLEE Program hosted a conference on December 4 to discuss local sustainable initiatives. Along with Johnson Engineering, many exhibitors provided local solutions to solving the challenges of a changing climate. Presenters discussed the local potential benefits from carbon trading, local crops as biodiesel, ethanol production from algae, ocean energy, wind energy, and solar power.

Our regional economy is poised to benefit greatly from opportunities associated with clean energy, and Johnson Engineering is eager to assist industry leaders in bringing and developing these new technologies in Southwest Florida.



The community spirit was alive and well for 95 Johnson Engineering team members, family, friends, park staff and Friends of Lover’s Key (F.O.L.K.S.). The dedicated group pitched in for the 7th consecutive year giving their time cleaning up one of Florida’s natural gems. Keeping this highly visited park looking its best, helps attract tourists to its beaches, in turn bringing visitors to Southwest Florida helping to boost our economy.

This annual event began in 2003 in honor of the company’s founder, Carl Johnson, whose efforts were instrumental in establishing the 1100-acre Lovers Key State Park/Carl E. Johnson Recreational Area. The company’s employees are proud of their roots and community, coming together each year to do their part in keeping the park looking its best for visitors from around the world to enjoy.



Congratulations to this year’s recipients of the Johnson Engineering Endowed Scholarship at Florida Gulf Coast University (FGCU). Matthew Ardolino, Amanda Swenson and Sabrina Smith were recognized at this year’s FGCU President’s Scholarship Luncheon as the recipients of the 2009/2010 academic scholarship, which was established in 2005 to assist FGCU students pursuing their future careers.



Not far below the places we walk and drive exists a maze of utilities carrying critical components of everyday life. Navigating this unseen superhighway of conduits to avoid utility conflicts, delays and service interruptions is a challenge faced by general contractors, utility providers and municipalities. Comprehensive and accurate mapping is critical for the success of their projects.

The FDOT now requires Subsurface Utility Engineering (SUE) on all design projects that include underground infrastructure or earthwork excavation. Choosing the right company to quickly perform these underground investigations is vital to identify potential conflicts before they adversely affect the schedule and budget. Our rapid-response SUE team is available day or night with our custom-built soft dig vehicle, for all types of project throughout Florida. Through a combination of pressurized water and high vacuum suction, we remove soil and roots to quickly reveal various utility lines and create enhanced mapping of the mystery beneath your project. This one-of-a-kind vehicle provides double the suction and lift power of traditional machines and is a cost-effective, efficient tool to utilize on your projects.

Our SUE team is specialty-trained, holding both state and federal certifications for quality levels A through D excavating and covering tasks, operation of heavy equipment and sign placement for gas companies. They are trained in traditional land surveying, as well as OSHA safety regulations, MOT regulations, Sunshine State One Call requirements and the other unique aspects of SUE technology. For more information, contact Scott Copeland at 239.707.6806.


People & Projects: ON THE MOVE

Patricia Newton, was recently honored with the prestigious Planner of the Year award by the Florida Promised Lands Section of the American Planning Association.

Timothy DeVries, surveying and mapping team, recently earned his State of Florida professional surveying and mapping (P.S.M.) license.

Michael Ekblad, landscape architecture team, has been elected Section Chair for the Naples/Fort Myers Section of the Florida Chapter of the American Society of Landscape Architects (FLASLA).