Johnson Engineering understands that there is a lot of value in historic preservation for both local cities and private developers. Our new Senior Planner, Heidi Siegel, AICP, holds a Master’s Degree in Historic Preservation from Georgia State University and has worked in historic preservation in Broward and Miami-Dade Counties, as well as Atlanta and Alaska. Heidi understands both historic preservation and new development and is able to balance both while maximizing the results for her clients.

The incorporation of historic buildings into master plans, zoning ordinances, and redevelopment projects automatically creates a sense of place, promotes local pride and tourism, and is good for the environment! That’s right…historic preservation is the original sustainable development. The adaptive reuse of historic buildings minimizes the use of new construction materials. According to the National Trust for Historic Preservation Sustainability Initiative, the construction of a new 50,000 square foot commercial building takes the same energy as driving a car for 20,000 miles a year for over 700 years. Reusing historic buildings for modern uses also avoids demolition waste in landfills. Additionally, historic buildings often were designed to maximize heating and cooling through site orientation and natural air flow.

There are many ways that cities can incentivize developers to save historic buildings once they make historic preservation a goal. Tax credits, transfer of development rights, and waiver of some development regulations are just some of the tools available.

Johnson Engineering is prepared to assist you with your historic preservation needs. For more information, please contact Heidi Siegel, AICP at [email protected].