For the last 20 years, many projects that have enhanced the quality of life in Charlotte County were funded by what’s called the One Cent Sales Tax. All resident, visitors and tourists who spend time in the County pay this one percent sales tax, which helps to keep the County in good condition. It has funded many great projects such as South County Regional Park, North Charlotte Regional Park, Ann Dever Memorial Regional Park, dozens of miles of sidewalks, pathways, and many of the major County roadway projects, including hurricane evacuation routes. These public works projects were put on an accelerated schedule directly due to the One Cent Sales Tax and now they are priceless assets to all who live, work, and play in Charlotte County.

These projects ease congestion, reduce accidents, create and bring together communities, as well as attract more business to the area. These projects also help support local businesses like ourselves, providing jobs to those who are needed to design and build the infrastructure.

This current local option tax is due to expire at the end of 2014. This November 4, 2014, you may see a referendum on the ballot asking voters to extend this percent local option sales tax for the next six years. This tax has helped us through tough economic times, including reductions in state and federal assistance, property tax reform, and unfunded mandates from the state and federal level. The One Cent Sales Tax funds have served us in Charlotte County well in the past and can continue to do so in the future. Johnson Engineering supports this, our employees depend on these jobs, and we hope you vote YES this November to extend this percent local sales tax option for six more years.