Celebrating 74 years in Business: 1946-2020
  • Land Development
  • Planning & Landscape Architecture
  • Water Resources
  • Environmental
  • Surveying & Mapping
  • Transportation
  • Utilities

When Johnson Engineering was established in 1946, much of Florida was an undisturbed land. Now 73 years later we have seen radical changes in development and a tremendous population growth alter the landscape permanently. Johnson Engineering has been helping guide private companies, and city, county, and state governmental institutions through these changes and the challenges they create.

Just as Florida has transformed dramatically over the years, so has Johnson Engineering. What started as one man surveying Southwest Florida has developed into a team of more than 120 professionals throughout Florida, offering their expertise in a broad spectrum of engineering disciplines. Our team specializes in land development; planning; landscape architecture; water resources, which includes surface water management, water quality, and water supply services; environmental consulting; surveying and mapping; geographic information systems (GIS); subsurface utility engineering (SUE); transportation design; construction observation and inspection; and utilities.

Our extensive list of well-known Florida roads, retail centers, schools, hospitals, residential communities, resorts and commercial developments show our continued responsibility in developing and improving Florida’s communities.

Headquartered in Fort Myers, Florida, the company also has offices in Naples, Port Charlotte, LaBelle, Clewiston, Lutz, and Miami. While Johnson Engineering is focused on growing and evolving to continue serving the needs of Florida, it remains true to its past and the values upon which the company was founded.

Johnson Engineering Leadership

Lonnie Howard, P.E.

Kevin Winter, P.E.
Chairman of the Board

Mike Dickey, P.E.
Laura Herrero
Matt Howard, P.S.M.
Vice President/Director
Kim Arnold, P.G.
Secretary, Treasurer/Director
Ryan Bell, P.E.

Johnson Engineering Past Presidents

  Carl Johnson
Past President
1946 – 1968
Archie Grant
Past President
1968 – 1979
Forrest Banks
Past President
1979 – 1997
Steve Morrison
Past President
1997 – 2012

Land Development Services

– Mixed-Use
– Urban
– Residential
– Commercial & Industrial
– Institutional & Educational
– Medical
– Permitting
– Construction Observation & Administration

Meet our Land Development team.


Water Resources Services

Surface Water Management
– Surface Water Master Planning
– BMP Selection & Design
– Surface Water Retrofit
– Hydrological, Hydraulic & Water Quality Modeling
– Federal, State, & Local Surface Water Permitting
– Flow & Stage Monitoring

Meet our Surface Water team.

Water Quality Studies
– Storm/Surface Water Quality Studies
– Groundwater Quality Studies
– Estuarine/Coastal Studies
– Subaqueous Sediment Characterization
– NPDES Compliance Monitoring
– Filter Marsh Evaluation
– TMDL Pollutant Loading
– Turbidity Monitoring
– Phase I Environmental Site Assessments (ESA)
– Phase II Environmental Site Assessment Sampling

Meet our Water Quality team.

Water Supply Services
– Hydrogeological Investigations
– Consumption Water Use Permitting
– Well & Wellfield Design
– Water Supply Planning
– Deep Injection Well Design & Permitting
– Groundwater Modeling
Meet our Water Supply team.

Environmental Services

– Environmental Assessment (Due Diligence)
– Environmental Resource Permitting
– Phase I Environmental Site Assessments (ESA)
– Phase II Environmental Site Assessment Sampling
– Wetland Assessment
– Mitigation Design & Monitoring
– Threatened & Endangered Species Management

Meet our Environmental team.


Surveying & Mapping Services

– Subsurface Utility Engineering & Mapping (SUE)
– Hydrographic Surveying
– Transportation Surveying
– Geographic Information Systems (GIS)
– ALTA & Boundary Surveys
– Construction Layout & Platting
– Geotechnical & Aerial Support

Meet our Surveying & Mapping team.


Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Services

– Mobile Mapping Applications
– Advanced GIS Modeling
– Environmental Land Use & Impact Analysis
– Database Design & Implementation
– Land Use & Development Scenario Analysis
– Asset Management & Inventory Analysis
– Digital Mapping & Source Data Conversions
– Web-Based Mapping Applications

Meet our GIS team.


Transportation Services

– Roadway Design
– Resurfacing, Rehabilitation & Restoration
– Access Plans & Permitting
– Traffic Impact Analyses
– Maintenance of Traffic
– Route Studies
– Pedestrian Facilities
– Data Collection
– Multi-Use Paths

Meet our Transportation Roadway Design team.

Construction Engineering & Inspection (CEI) Services 
– Roadway Construction Inspection
– Utility Inspection
– Bridge Inspection
– Private Development Inspection
– Contractor Quality Control
– Density Testing
– Constructability Reviews
– Independent AnalysesMeet our Transportation CEI team.

Utilities Services

– Utility Master Planning
– Water Distribution Facilities
– Wastewater Collection
– Hydraulic Modeling
– Pumping Facilities
– Irrigation Systems

Meet our Utilities team.


Planning & Landscape Architecture Services

– Strategic Planning
– Master Plans & DRI’s
– Community Planning
– Corridor Planning
– Facility Planning
– Sustainable Planning
– Local Government Assistance
– Comprehensive Planning & Zoning

Meet our Planning team.

Landscape Architecture
– Environmental Design
– Commercial Design
– Park Planning
– Graphic Design
– Community Design
– Streetscape Design
– Construction Observation
– Planting & Irrigation Design