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Roadway Design

Having designed countless roadways in Southwest Florida, we have experience in local design issues and are accustomed to FDOT and industry standard design requirements. Our design experience includes new roadways, existing roadway widening and minor roadway improvements on state, county and private roadways. Johnson Engineering is FDOT qualified to provide major and minor highway design services. Our in-house capabilities in ancillary disciplines such as survey, utilities, water management, environmental and permitting allow us to provide comprehensive roadway design services to our clients.

Resurfacing, Rehabilitation and Restoration

Commonly referred to as “3R” projects, resurfacing, rehabilitation, and restoration of existing roadways are a common and recurring need. Design elements may include existing pavement condition survey, pavement section analyses, milling and resurfacing, lane widening, and shoulder addition. Whether serving to provide safety upgrades or necessitated from standard maintenance, this aspect of roadway design often presents some unique design challenges.

Access Plans and Permitting

Any new development requires vehicular access, typically to a state, county or city owned roadway. Connecting to municipal roadways requires work within a public right of way and consequent permit approval. Our transportation engineers can provide driveway design including associated turn lane, drainage, and signing and pavement marking accommodations. With years of experience with numerous local agencies we can also provide associated permitting assistance services.

Traffic Impact Statements

With any new development, the developing entity must provide the permitting municipality with a Traffic Impact Statement (TIS). This TIS must detail the traffic generated by this development and its impact on the surrounding roadway network. We can prepare TIS’s for developments of all sizes as well as work with the owner to develop, design, and permit any improvements required as a result of that development.

Maintenance of Traffic

When constructing roadway improvements it is incumbent upon the contractor, and typically required, to provide for the safe and efficient maintenance of traffic (MOT), also referred to as traffic control plans. To avoid liability, the proper placement of barricades, signage and other traffic control devices must be designed by trained professionals. Several of our engineers and designers are certified in proper MOT practices. In addition, with assistance from our CEI professionals experienced in roadway construction, we can work with the client to develop the most feasible construction sequencing plan.

Route Studies

We have performed several route studies for various municipalities to determine the best alignment for proposed roadway facilities. Such studies encompass several disciplines within Johnson Engineering. Evaluation requires the careful assessment of regional traffic patterns, drainage, environmental, social and cultural impacts as well as right of way acquisition, permitting, and cost implications. Alignment determinations also require in-depth public involvement programs. Our history and experience in Southwest Florida lends itself to the comprehensive and prudent determination of local and regional travel corridors.

Intersection Studies

Traffic congestion problems typically begin at roadway intersections. As points where vehicles must stop, cross and merge with conflicting traffic movements, intersections have tremendous impact on the adjacent roadway level of service leading to significant safety concerns. Our transportation engineers are experienced in evaluating the operational efficiency of an intersection and determining the appropriate improvements necessary to maintain safety and acceptable levels of service, now and in the future.


Our transportation design team is also experienced in the design and permitting of sidewalks and pedestrian paths as we have designed many for various state, local and private entities. In designing pedestrian access ways it is imperative all requirements of the Americans with Disabilities Act are followed and any drainage implications are addressed.