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How Your Project Can Benefit from Drone Footage

Monday, January 4th, 2021

Are you looking to take your development project to the next level? Needing information about a property before purchasing? Are you looking to assess and prioritize damage from emergencies, natural disasters, or from long term exposure to the elements?

Our licensed and insured team of Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) certified drone pilots can help by providing you with the imagery and knowledge needed to make informed decisions. We can assist with identifying problems and formulating solutions for your project using information provided by our drone footage. All services are kept in-house and not processed through a web-based application, ensuring your information stays secure.

Competitively priced, contact Juli Kern at [email protected] to request a quote for your next project.

Purchasing Land?
Purchasing land and wanting an expert opinion on presence of potential wetlands, surface waters, protected species locations, or other habitat conditions? Using drone flight data, our team of ecologists can use the imagery provided to estimate wetland boundaries, review a site for potential evidence of protected species, and help identify exotic vegetation.

Jobsite Progress
Looking to show existing conditions or jobsite progress?

Up-To-Date Imagery
Our GIS department can create maps using drone flights to show the most up-to-date aerial imagery of the project’s progress.

Assess Site Status
Needing to assess a site for erosion, damage from natural disasters, or presence of potential hazardous materials?

Needing pictures for your website or company marketing materials? Our pilots work diligently to ensure you get the highest quality pictures and videos possible.