SWFIA Midfield Terminal Expansion-Project Millennium

Southwest Florida International Airport

Midfield Terminal Expansion-Project Millennium

Southwest Florida International Airport’s Project Millennium is the largest Capital Improvement Projects (CIP) in the history of Southwest Florida, totaling over $380,000,000. The project included construction of the new Midfield Terminal Complex and associated facilities, the extension of Treeline Avenue from Daniels Parkway to Alico Road, the addition of a connector road from the Midfield Terminal to Treeline Avenue, expansion of parking facilities, and additional airport support facilities.

Johnson Engineering began permitting the project in the mid-1990’s with conceptual/surface water management permits which later facilitated a modification allowing for construction permitting the entire Millennium project. In turn saving several years of difficult permitting. All of the master drainage system, including the Fiddlesticks Outfall to Ten Mile Canal, was designed by Johnson Engineering. The extensive habitat mapping, species surveys, water level data and habitat evaluations formed the input for the overall Mitigation Park management plan. Johnson Engineering collected and analyzed all of the relevant data to prepare the Mitigation Park management plan that consists of monitoring, controlled burns and maintenance.

The project’s mitigation program is one of the largest in Florida. Johnson Engineering’s environmental department has played a pivotal role managing the issues that encompass more than 3,000 acres and involved over 600 acres of wetland impacts. Johnson Engineering’s participation has included South Florida Water Management District and U.S. Army Corps of Engineers permitting, wildlife surveys and the design of a 7,000 acre offsite mitigation park. The offsite park includes 580 acres of wetland creation. The mitigation design included the installation of 40 continuous acoustic well recorders, three rain gauges, historic flow-way mapping, and creation of a two-dimensional hydrologic model to determine proper wetland creation elevations.

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