Lee Health has officially opened the new state-of-the-art Coconut Point Health and Wellness Facility in Estero, located on the corner of Coconut Road and Via Coconut Point Road. The 163,000 square foot medical facility includes a cutting-edge emergency department, outpatient services, family practice professionals, a rehabilitation center, woman’s health services, and a full-service pharmacy.

This project has come a long way since 2016 when the staff built life-size 3D cardboard prototypes to assist them in designing the interior layout. This allowed them to model and reenact various medical scenarios in order to test the most efficient use of space prior to design and construction. These simulations provided them first hand-experience to test out how the new facility would work in real world scenarios. Now they finally get to utilize their patient-focused design, providing a more efficient delivery of care to patients.

Johnson Engineering planners, engineers, and landscape architects worked closely with Lee Health and Flad Architects throughout the process so the design of site features including access, parking, water management, open spaces, and landscaping were consistent with their goals and aid in the overall positive experience for those working and using the facility.

For more information, contact Dana Hume, PE, at [email protected].