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Lonnie Howard, P.E.

Lonnie began working for Johnson Engineering in 1994 after completing the University of Florida’s graduate program in groundwater and open channel hydraulics. His dedication and leadership enabled him to be elected President of the firm in 2012. Under his direction, the firm has successfully exceeded its target revenue, profit, and business growth objectives for the last five years. This success is based in part to Lonnie’s relentless commitment to client satisfaction and out-of-the-box strategies to improve efficiency. In addition to running the overall operations of the firm, Lonnie is a professional engineer that also works alongside the firm’s groundwater resources team. He has extensive experience in hydrogeological investigations, well construction, wellfield design, groundwater modeling, dewatering plans, deep injection wells, water supply planning, and water use permitting. He has worked on numerous projects for municipalities, utilities, private developers, and agricultural clients. Lonnie has also provided expert testimony before hearing examiners related to zoning cases and before the Governor’s cabinet pertaining to water supply and hydrogeology at the Babcock Ranch.


Kim Arnold, P.G.

Kim performs hydrogeologic investigations, water resource assessments, hydrologic monitoring program development, and a variety of water management district and Florida Department of Environmental Protection permitting. She has assisted in Public Service Commission utility certification cases, comprehensive plan amendment applications and Development of Regional Impact applications for large-scale developments, and Water Supply Facilities Work Plans for municipalities throughout the region. Kim is familiar with the hydrogeology of Southwest Florida and its regulatory requirements, having worked for the South Florida Water Management District as a hydrogeologist involved with water use permitting prior to joining Johnson Engineering. She has experience with groundwater modeling, hydrologic data analysis, and the use of GIS in addressing water resource and environmental issues.

Terry Bengtsson, P.G.

Terry Bengtsson, P.G.

Terry has more than 30 years of experience as a hydrogeologist in Florida, with expertise in the areas of water supply planning, hydrogeologic investigations and water resource assessments, ground water and solute transport modeling, and water use permitting. Terry has published several papers on saline water intrusion and groundwater resources in Southwest Florida. His previous work experience includes regional coordinator for the South Florida Water Management District (SFWMD) 2012 Lower West Coast Water Supply Plan and Lower West Coast Service Center Water Use Permit Supervisor. These two positions included peer review of SEAWAT code applications by Cape Coral and Fort Myers for permit renewal, and by the SFWMD for their regional West Coast Floridan Aquifer System Model. Terry worked previous with the Southwest Florida Water Management District as a project manager and principal investigator for the Northern Tampa Bay Water Resource Assessment Project.


Erik Howard, P.E., P.S.M., LEED AP, CGC, CFC

Erik is a licensed engineer, water well contractor, plumbing contractor, and general contractor in the State of Florida. Erik’s experience as an engineer includes well design, permitting, certification, construction administration, well construction, rehabilitation and development, groundwater modeling, data analysis, and pump station design. He routinely prepares specialized plans and specifications for projects that require an ‘outside-of-the-box’ approach. Erik’s technical background and practical experience allow him to handle any groundwater well project, whether it’s a simple piezometric data analysis or complex and troublesome deep injection well issue. Erik has worked on more than 60 well projects in the past three years as a water well contractor. As an engineer, he has overseen the construction and testing of more than 30 wells with depths up to 1,379 feet and casing diameters up to 30 inches.


Tim Denison

Tim joined the Water Resources group of Johnson Engineering in September 2003. Before joining our firm, he was employed by Florida Geophysical Logging Services as a logging engineer. He has performed numerous geophysical borehole evaluations on deep injection wells, monitor wells, and aquifer storage and recovery wells throughout southwest Florida. His vast experience with sophisticated logging instruments and data analysis software is an essential part of our hydrogeological services. Prior to working in Florida, Tim was certified as an open hole wireline logging engineer with Halliburton Energy Services, where he specialized in magnetic resonance image logging. Tim currently manages water quality projects for the water resources group of our Fort Myers office.


Wayne Wright, P.E.

Wayne has over 30 years of experience working as an Electrical, Instrumentation & Controls (EI&C) engineer. His experience includes design and implementation of instrumentation, process control, industrial control, systems integration and commissioning, site and process evaluations, SCADA architecture, networking, telemetry, and PLC/HMI/OIT programming. Wayne has provided control panel electrical designs for motor control, instrumentation, low voltage power distribution, lighting, and lightning protection. Wayne has worked on projects with multiple disciplines in project management and project engineering roles managing project scope, schedule and budget from conceptual design through detailed design and construction completion, and has provided engineer-of-record and construction observation services.


Jordan Varble, P.E.

Jordan joined Johnson Engineering in 2015 and is an engineer in the company’s water resources group. Jordan earned his Master of Science in Civil Engineering from Colorado State University in 2011 and Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering from Missouri S&T in 2009. Jordan’s experience as an engineer includes groundwater modeling, data analysis, hydraulic pipe modeling, construction inspection, well design, groundwater sampling and testing, observation of geophysical logging programs, regulatory permitting, land surveying, agricultural irrigation system evaluation, engineering due diligence and expert witness engineering reports.


Wyatt Stutts, P.G.

Wyatt joined Johnson Engineering in 2015 and is a hydrogeologist in the company’s water resources group. He is responsible for performing hydrogeologic investigations, aquifer performance testing (APT), groundwater sampling and testing, monitoring well construction and geophysical logging programs, preparing lithologic descriptions and stratigraphic profiles, analyzing and interpreting geophysical and APT data, and regulatory permitting. He is familiar with the hydrogeology of Southwest Florida and regulatory requirements. Wyatt joined Johnson Engineering after completing a Master’s degree in Geology at the University of South Florida with a focus on hydrogeology and groundwater geochemisty, and with 6 years of previous experience as a geologist and project manager performing geotechnical investigations related to ground settlement throughout Florida.