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Master Plans & DRIs

A master plan is a “blueprint” for the future, intended to guide and frame development, encompassing the visions and aspirations of the developer. As population reaches capacity at the coastlines and inner-city, there is the potential for well-planned, well-designed new communities and also the well thought-out “infill” and assembled projects. Our planning team has performed conceptual planning, entitlements, development permitting, and monitoring for numerous Developments of Regional Impact (DRIs) and master planned communities. From residential development to regional commercial projects to mixed use centers and new communities, our clients benefit from this experience with the unique challenges and ever-changing legislative framework for large scale projects.

Community Planning

Every community is complex, defined by its history, size, climate, location, geography, and the people that live and work there. Community planning engages those with varied backgrounds and goals in a common effort to identify and achieve a vision for an area. Our team has a history of effectively engaging in community planning efforts. We have the skills necessary to assess the political context of an area, utilize GIS for data collection, provide strategic analyses, facilitate input through charrettes and image preference surveys, and implement recommendations to benefit those who live, work and own property through a collaborative planning process.

Comprehensive Planning and Zoning

The principles of zoning regulation established 1916 with the first Zoning Code in New York City were solidified with the landmark Euclid v. Ambler decision by the U.S. Supreme Court over eighty years ago, however the rules of the game are ever-changing. The same is true for the comprehensive land use policies rooted in Florida Growth Management Act of 1985, which change through yearly legislative action. Our planning team performs a wide range of services including those associated comprehensive plan amendments, Future Land Use Map amendments, rezonings, conditional uses, special exceptions, annexations, and variances. Using this experience, continuing education, and agency action monitoring, we are able to update, anticipate, and act on opportunities for our clients.

Facility Planning

Johnson Engineering has engaged in the design and planning of corporate, institutional and production facilities which required the blending of organizational expectations, market demands, geographies, logistics and the organization structure. We have worked closely with public school districts and private schools, fire districts, airport authorities, parks and recreation agencies, churches, and nonprofit organizations from Naples to Pasco County to provide services from feasibility studies, master plans, site comparisons, site and circulation design, collocation and interlocal agreement assistance, through the zoning and permitting process to completion.

Sustainable Planning

Planning for a more sustainable built environment requires a balance of basic social, economic, and ecological values. Our team is knowledgeable of and participates in the ever-changing public policy surrounding sustainability. We recognize that, in addition to limiting negative environmental impacts, sustainable design can result in reduced operating costs, increased marketability, enhanced asset value, increased lease and rental rates, and reduced strain on local infrastructure, generally improving quality of life. Principles of sustainability can be applied to community design for livable communities that are compact and pedestrian friendly so that fewer vehicle miles and hours are traveled, improving air quality and reducing transportation costs. Florida’s natural environment and attractive climate play significant roles in the future growth of the state, so we must offer community plans and types of infrastructure that allow residents in various stages of life be active and community members to be healthy, while curbing the costly social, economic and ecological effects of un-planned sprawl.

Cooridor Planning

Our modes of travel and the paths on which we travel are of key significance to our quality of life. Our planners understand the philosophies and practices of smart growth, new urbanism and context sensitive design. We can help plan for thoroughfares in our urban, suburban or rural environment so that development intensity, the mix of land uses and design features combine to create the opportunity for walking, transit and biking to be feasible transportation options. Beyond the right-of-way, our planners factor the conditions, demographics, future modeling, and vision for a community to develop code and implementation strategies to form a properly scaled street or road edge that is appropriate to the context.

Local Government Assistance

With planners whose experience spans many years of public and private sector work, Johnson Engineering has capacity to help local governments and agencies with plans, code writing, grant writing, application review, comprehensive plan amendments, and evaluation and appraisal reports to fulfill state mandates and local needs. The planners at Johnson Engineering have written policies and amended land development codes in communities across Southwest Florida on subjects including historic preservation, redevelopment incentives, architectural design standards, neighborhood compatibility, streetscape standards, and more. We understand the importance of working in an inclusive setting with agency staff and the public to promote public involvement and observe sunshine law requirements.