Celebrating 75 years in Business: 1946-2020
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Mixed Use

Mixed-use development projects integrate a variety of uses within a single development site, such as residential, office, retail, industrial, and institutional. Many are pedestrian-friendly and linked to mass transit, and follow the principals of Smart Growth, Livable Communities, and Traditional Neighborhood Developments. Our innovative design approach follows those same principals to create a synergy between land uses.



Urban redevelopment or infill projects involve the rehabilitation of city areas by renovating or replacing decaying buildings and sites with new housing, public buildings, offices, and parks. The benefit of these projects is that the infrastructure of roads, sidewalks, utilities, and transit is already in place, making them cost-effective to build. We have helped to revitalize the downtown areas of southwest Florida’s largest cities through our many projects.



Utilizing decades of extensive experience in residential development, we implement original and inventive designs into our projects. From golf course, retirement, and active communities to multi-family condominiums and apartments to high-rise buildings, our team is well-versed in a wide variety of residential projects.


Commercial & Industrial

Our wide-ranging commercial and industrial experience encompasses developments large and small. We can manage any size retail project – whether it’s a corner drugstore, small shop retail, neighborhood market, big box power center, or full-scale shopping mall. Other representative commercial projects include office buildings, corporate office parks, hotels, banks, entertainment centers, and restaurants. We are also experienced with aviation projects, industrial buildings, and industrial parks.


Institutional & Educational

Public sector projects make up a sizeable portion of our workload. State, County, and City agencies, power companies, utility companies, religious institutions, school districts, colleges and universities each require a diverse list of services for their land development projects. Whether it’s a park, office building, elementary school, student dormitory, church, operations center, or electrical power facilities, our team has the knowledge and experience to meet the assorted needs of our public sector clients.



Medical and health care facilities must meet the needs of Florida residents. In a state known for its retirement population, those needs are many. Coupled with the baby boomer generation starting to reach retirement age, the demographics will require an expansion of health care facilities, and we are well-versed in this area of development. We have worked on a wide variety of medical projects over the years, from new hospitals and hospital expansions, to assisted living facilities and clinics, to medical office buildings for private practitioners.



Having offices strategically located throughout Florida, along with decades of projects, our team has obtained permits from nearly every governmental agency in Central and South Florida. We know the requirements, we know the processes, and we know the expectations of the agencies. The combined knowledge and local experience of our team members provides efficient and effective permitting for our projects, while meeting the timelines of our clients.


Construction Observation & Administration

Once a project is permitted, our team performs a number of services for our clients. For many projects, we create the bid documents, including tabulations and specifications, as well as an Engineer’s Opinion of Probable Cost that is used as a basis to compare the contractor’s bids. Our team analyzes the bids and offers recommendations. We’ve observed the work product of countless contractors, and our extensive knowledge assists the owner in selecting a contractor that will provide the best quality at a cost-effective price. Once construction commences, our qualified and experienced field personnel observe how the contractors maintain compliance with the permits, standards, and specifications of the agencies, as well as addressing conflicts and field changes.