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Michael Lohr, P.S.M.

Mike is a registered surveyor and mapper licensed to practice in the State of Florida. As such, he is uniquely qualified to integrate traditional survey accuracies into GIS systems. Mike coordinates geographic information system (GIS) projects for the firm and is currently involved in developing internet mapping capabilities and services for use by in-house and clients, including project data and digital imagery in a GIS environment.

He began GIS work for the State of Florida, Bureau of Survey and Mapping in 1995. This work included ownership mapping for the Florida Department of Environmental Protection’s C.A.R.L. land acquisition program, cataloging more than 70,000 parcels slated for purchase by the State of Florida. In 2000, Mike completed a large project which included section corner locations and hydrology for Collier County GIS department. In 2004, he completed an enterprise wide GIS mapping/data system for Bonita Springs Utilities. Other GIS projects include: infrastructure data expansion for both the cities of Ft. Myers and Bonita Springs, an NPDFS Outfall GIS Mapping project for Bonita Springs and GIS/Web based mapping for The Babcock Preserve; the largest conservation acquisition in Florida’s history and The Babcock Ranch Community, a planned community of more than 17,000 acres in Charlotte and Lee County, Florida.

Mike is responsible for creating the Stormwater Facilities Geodatabase for Collier County, which input data from a variety of in-house, county and external sources. He is also responsible for the Upper Estero River Basin Historic Aerial Imagery and Land Use GIS Analysis for Lee County Utilities related to a permit application. This work involves processing and geo-referencing hundreds of individual historic aerial imagery tiles dated back to 1944 followed by land use delineations and GIS analysis of the changing land use patterns over a 50 square mile area.