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Mobile Mapping Applications

Using recent advancements in web technologies, we can provide custom-tailored maps to your iPhone, iPad, or Android device. Using our in-house infrastructure and easy-to-use mapping applications, clients can view maps anywhere a cellular or wi-fi connection is available. Since these advanced devices have integrated GPS, you can view your position real-time, with an aerial photo background, while exploring your development site. Viewing proposed features, such as buildings, parking lots, or preserve areas can be visualized on-site. Existing wetlands or protected species issues can be inspected on-site while knowing exactly where these issues occur.

Advanced GIS Modeling

Simple questions may require complex analysis to obtain needed results. Which wetlands are most worthy of preservation? The question is simple and the answer may be fairly simple, but getting an accurate and defendable result necessitates advanced GIS modeling. We have to consider factors such as wetland connectivity, adjacency to water bodies and major roadways. We combined this with our broad knowledge of available geographic data layers, expertise in wetland systems, and expertise with GIS modeling. This combination of proficiencies enable us to produce a simple answer, which can be applied to answer your simple questions.

Asset Management and Inventory Analysis

Using GPS and related survey methods to compile field data, then integrating those data into a GIS to support asset management and inventory analysis. These services include National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) facilities management.


Environmental Land Use and Impact Analysis

Using the latest ESRI ArcGIS software, we combine regulatory agency data with survey quality GPS-located field data for vegetation, land use and species locations. This allows us to produce project analysis and mapping for development project permitting and mitigation processes. We analyze this information using sophisticated GIS modeling techniques based on the most current regulatory criteria. This results in establishing the most environmentally sound and efficient development strategy.


Database Design and Implementation

We build customized ArcGIS version 9.3 or version 10 geodatabases using domains, feature datasets, relationship classes, topologies, and feature classes. We thoroughly review needs and resources, then develop a phased implementation plan to meet your goals. Customized geodatabases allow us to create a tailored structure to meet your unique and specific needs.


Land Use and Development Scenario Analysis

We explore various land use configurations and intensities based on each site’s unique characteristics, such as average annual traffic, adjacent population demographics, local zoning, and trends in governmental planning. Scenario development also is used for population projections and subarea demographic/market analysis.


Asset Management and Inventory Analysis

We extract data from hardcopy plans, CAD or GIS datasets and combine them with survey quality GPS field locational data. We then integrate them into a geodatabase containing feature attributes and photography. The result is a GIS tool used to manage a variety of inventory types, from buildings to sidewalks, utility infrastructure, or water meters. We integrate these datasets into the GIS geodatabase to support asset management and inventory analysis for NPDES, CDD’s, and stormwater asset management.


Digital Mapping and Source Data Conversions

We integrate data from computer drafted designs, printed historic documents or images, and manipulate them to state projections using published, existing or field acquired horizontal survey controls. We use heads-up on screen digitizing and import the data into the ESRI geodatabase, AutoCAD or Microstation base files, depending on the final need and use.


Web-Based Mapping Applications

We specialize in designing tailored web-based applications to display, distribute and support analysis of GIS spatial data, CAD data and a variety of imagery products. Web applications may be developed for secured, client-only access or for public presentation of maps and data. External documents are linked into the mapped features to provide a robust mapping solution.

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