Celebrating 74 years in Business: 1946-2020
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Major Roadway CEI

Over the last 40 years, Johnson Engineering has provided project management and inspection for many of Florida’s major roadway improvement projects, including the Florida Department of Transportation, Collier, Lee, and Charlotte Counties, the Cities of Cape Coral, Fort Myers, Bonita Springs and Naples, along with many private developments. Our construction engineering and inspection team is comprised of qualified team members with the professional expertise to manage, inspect, and document roadway construction projects while providing the client agency with the level of service they require to meet their budgetary requirements and quality control protection. Continuous constructability and value engineering analyses are a major part of our service in order to provide our clients with cost saving ideas and options before and during construction activities.

Utility Construction and Relocation

Unique to Johnson Engineering is the inclusion of our specialized utility team, who have the expertise and ability to manage and inspect utility construction and refurbishment projects including wastewater collection, irrigation gray water distribution, and potable water systems and relocations. These team members manage all phases from design through construction including permit clearance and turn over documentation for municipalities and private developers. In addition, our inspectors are experienced in the drilling and connection of water supply wells and well field development and effluent disposal.

Bridge Construction and Drainage Structures

Bridge and drainage structures comprise a major segment of roadway construction in Florida. With the large numbers of stormwater canals, rivers, ditches, and coastal inlets that cross our roadways, the need for bridge replacements and new construction makes it imperative to have the ability and expertise to manage and inspect all types of bridge construction including box culverts, weirs, and other drainage structures. We have this expertise and can provide construction, management and inspection by qualified, certified, and experienced personnel for all types of structures.

CEI serving FDOT

Specializing in full service to the Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT), our construction engineering and inspection crews and personnel are uniquely qualified to administer and facilitate all facets of FDOT construction, from major roadway and bridge construction to the administration of local area programs agreements of participating agencies. As a part of these projects we offer expertise in the tracking and documentation of equal employment opportunity and on the job training required on all state and federally funded projects and outlined in the FHWA 1273 guidelines.

Contractor Quality Control

The addition of the contractor quality control (QC) requirements mandated by the Federal Highway Administration and the Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) has opened up new opportunities to utilize our construction engineering and inspection expertise and experience. Supplying QC program development and inspection on state and federal construction projects is a valuable tool to the construction industry in Florida. We can utilize the same personnel to develop these programs and monitor the QC of roadway, bridge, utility and drainage projects as required on all FDOT construction contracts.

Private Construction Project Management

Construction engineering and inspection (CEI) personnel have the experience to assist the private development industry by providing construction management for small community projects to major town site development. With attention to detail and the ability to tailor services to the level needed, our CEI professionals can provide constructability reviews, value engineering analysis and construction schedule development before projects are started to prevent the underutilization of valuable capital expense and time on difficult construction projects. We can provide services such as special permitting requirements including environmental and wetland protections.

Critical Path Method Schedule Review, Claim Resolution and Recommendations

We have an experienced team to review critical path method schedules and assure that logic is consistent with bid documents. Production rates and quantities are reviewed and compared with time and resources. Our team has the experience to review schedules as well as claims and make recommendations.

Survey Control and Construction Layout

With decadesĀ of experience surveying throughout Florida, our surveying and mapping group has the ability to perform construction layout and control, verification, final cross sections, as-built documentation, and final measurement on all types of projects. Through utilization of our survey and mapping group, clients can be assured that the latest technologies are employed to provide the required services for any project.