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In the State of Florida effective transportation facilities are critical to commerce, tourism, economic development as well as the lifestyle we have grown accustomed to as Floridians; therefore, making transportation issues more important now than ever. Our transportation market group has developed with our community to address these challenges. This group consists of two primary teams; design and construction engineering and inspection (CEI). Our design team focuses on the development aspect of transportation, taking needs and turning them into a plan. Our CEI team assists roadway owners and municipalities in the construction of transportation facilities, taking plans and turning them into effective operational solutions. Working in concert with our other in-house disciplines, the traveling public and the client, our transportation group has enjoyed a successful history of providing comprehensive transportation services.

  • Johnson Engineering provides construction engineering and inspection, professional construction management and inspection and project management and inspection services for a wide range of public and private infrastructure projects throughout Florida. The most significant facet of our success is the quality and dedication of our people, many who hold multiple construction training certifications required by Florida Department of Transportation and other public works agencies. Our team?s knowledge, experience, and training ensure cost-effective and quality service for our clients….read more
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  • Our transportation design team prides itself on delivering a quality design product while providing unique service to our clients. Our design team is experienced and fluent with industry standard design requirements and specifications; however it is our firm?s vast in-house resources and extensive history that provides a distinct benefit to our clients. Transportation design is much more than curves and elevations. Effective design requires understanding of the local drainage patterns and ecological conditions. It requires coordination amongst the public, stakeholders, and various permitting agencies. Our transportation designers are not merely going down a checklist. We strive to develop a facility that is permittable, constructable, and ultimately cost-effective. This big picture of understanding, internal expertise, and common sense approach allows us to provide our clients the level of service they need….read more
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