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FPL System Wide Distribution Surveying

In an ongoing relationship with Florida Power and Light Company, our surveying and mapping group provided various surveying support for the company’s distribution, relocation and construction of new and existing power facilities. These services included right of way mapping, preparing sketches and descriptions for the acquisition of real property and the creation of easements, design and boundary surveys as well as specialized services like bathymetric surveying and subsurface utility engineering.


Bonita Springs Utilities

Our utility mapping team began providing a variety of SUE services to Bonita Springs Utilities (BSU) in 2001. This included the excavation and location of a water line beneath 12 feet of compacted fill in the I-75 median. The majority of SUE work performed for BSU is for utility relocation due to road widening projects. The accuracy of the utility maps allows the engineers to design and build with little or no conflicts to existing utilities, saving time and money.


FPL Orange River Substation

Florida Power and Light Company (FPL) teamed with our surveying and mapping group for many of their surveying and utility mapping projects. The largest project to date was their 56 mile transmission line from the Orange River Substation in Lee County to the Golden Gate Substation in Collier County. The transmission line would provide new power distribution with more than 500 new power poles along the planned route. To ensure existing underground utilities would not conflict with the placement of the large concrete transmission poles, our utility mapping team performed subsurface utility engineering and soft dig activities around selected pole sites. AutoCAD sketches of each site were provided to FPL engineers for design evaluation.


Hillsborough County Road 579 PD&E Study

Our surveying and mapping teamed up with T.Y. Lin International, to perform a design survey and subsurface utility engineering services for approximately 1,100 feet of roadway to provide roadway designers and Hillsborough County design solutions for the widening of County Road 579 between I-4 and Sligh Avenue.


Piper Road Extension

In finding ways to enhance commerce and efficient travel to the Charlotte County Airport and surrounding commercial businesses, Charlotte County Public Works utilized the skills and experience of our transportation surveyors to provide design support, right of way mapping for the extension of Piper Road from North Jones Loop Road to U.S. 17. Several right of way acquisitions were planned along the 3.5 miles of new roadway and our team assisted the Real Estate Division of the County by preparing real property descriptions and sketches for the conveyance of property.


Aqui Esta Drive Widening

Our transportation surveying team helped the Public Works Department of Charlotte County by performing a design survey and preparing right of way maps for 2.0 miles of busy Aqui Esta Drive. This two lane, two way corridor needed widening and improvement in it’s consideration as a hurricane evacuation route for the adjacent, densely populated communities as well as improve conditions that regularly left this road under water in many locations during the rainy season.


U.S. Navy Turning Basin

Our hydrographic surveyors conducted a hydrographic/bathymetric survey of 15 acres at the eastern end of Key West Bight in Key West, Florida. We were a subcontractor to Appledore Marine, who was contracted by the U.S. Navy. This project included establishing horizontal (NAD 83/99) and vertical (NGVD 29) control on the site and the location of piers and seawalls adjacent to the bight. A hydrographic survey was produced with one foot contour intervals of the bottom in hardcopy and digital (AutoCAD) format. The final deliverables included the hydrographic contour map overlaid onto scaled aerial photograph in color. The survey was used for preparing a scope of services to dredge the bight and to repair piers and seawalls


Fisherman’s Village Maintenance Dredging

Johnson Engineering obtained the ERP and federal dredge and fill permits and subsequent permit modifications. Our surveyors prepared hydrographic and bathymetric surveys and cross-sectional drawings of the marina basin which were used to determine the volume of material to be dredged. Hydrographic and bathymetric surveys were performed post-dredging to reconcile any differences in the amount initially determined to be removed versus the amount actually removed because payment was based on the volume of material removed. The work also involved setting up bench marks, establishing horizontal and vertical control, locating existing pertinent site features, and locating the mean high water line. The project ecologist conducted biological surveys of submerged lands to identify any potential areas of sea grasses or other marine resources. Our water resources group conducted water quality and sediment sampling and analyses as required by FDEP and we prepared the construction plans for the project. A revised sovereign, submerged lands lease was also completed for the project.


LCPA – SWFIA Hazardous Wildlife Assessment Inventory Analysis

Johnson Engineering GIS team worked with company ecologists in designing a year-long study to track sightings of wildlife species that pose potential hazards for aircraft utilizing Southwest Florida International Airport. Field observations by ecologists were entered into a geodatabase for visual display, spatial, and statistical analysis; and emerging patterns of wildlife activity were shared with Port Authority personnel on a monthly basis. The results of the study will aid the Port Authority in balancing management needs for natural habitat and the safety of airport operations.