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Parks for the City of Bonita Springs, FL

The planning and landscape architecture group collaborated on the creation of many Bonita Springs parks, as well as their Parks Master Plan update. Within these efforts, we are responsible for the implementation of specific features of the parks master plan and assisting with the purchase and establishment of park lands identified by the parks master plan. Services provided include conceptual design drawings and support material for land acquisition grants, written by the City of Bonita Springs as well as the final design of parks for the purpose of permitting.

Many of the park designs focus on educating users about the native Florida environment and utilizing rain gardens, native plant materials, in addition to protecting native habitat to provide code required stormwater management and landscaping. The final park design is a result of the close collaboration between our landscape architecture team; the City of Bonita springs staff and residents.


Shell Point Retirement Community

Our landscape architecture team designed Eagle’s Preserve, neighborhood of 10 condominium buildings and clubhouse and pool amenity center. The site design considered walkability as well as view sheds and focal points to promote pedestrian activity and ensure residents’ views to the golf course were not obstructed by height or placement of the residential buildings. An enhanced landscape plan was developed for the property which maintained the quality landscaping standards of the existing community. In addition, diverse littoral plantings along canals abutting the property boundary were added to improve water quality. Our team also provided entryway signage plans, bridge enhancement details, and pavement design. Complete construction support services were also provided.


The Forum at Fort Myers

The Forum is a 706-acre mixed-use development within the City of Fort Myers. It lies adjacent to I-75 between the Colonial Boulevard and Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard interchanges. The entitlement, design, and permitting processes necessary for a project of this magnitude required coordination of many services provided by Johnson Engineering, which continues as the community builds out. Our landscape architecture team created and updates the Marketing Site Plan used by the owner to market available parcels within The Forum and to exhibit the variety of commercial and residential uses available. The Landscape Master Plan was developed and implemented to ensure consistency among the landscape design elements for all individual parcels within the development. The City of Fort Myers has adopted this landscape master plan as the minimum landscape code for The Forum. This established and continues to guide the overall character for The Forum through the use of specific community elements as well as planting and design standards. Our landscape architecture services were crucial to the stormwater master plan, which includes rain gardens and other innovative stormwater techniques to manage drainage and connect the existing lakes on the property. Our team designed the rain gardens to collect and pre treat stormwater before entering the larger on-site system and eventually entering the sensitive Six Mile Cypress slough east of the property. The rain gardens utilize native plant materials and grading techniques that imitate the natural wetland ecosystem. The landscape architecture team has also provided final permitting and development order landscape plans and construction documents for a majority of The Forum’s individual parcels. Our services include construction observation to ensure code compliance prior to occupancy of the project.


U.S. 41 Landscape and Irrigation

U.S. 41 is a major commercial corridor and arterial highway in Lee County. Our team assisted Lee County Department of Transportation with a corridor analysis for U.S. 41 from the Charlotte County line south to Collier County. The analysis identified drainage concerns, areas for landscape improvements, pilot programs, and utility conflicts. We provided hardscape, planting and irrigation design services for approximately eight miles of the corridor. By evaluating water resource opportunities, we effectively incorporate Xeriscape principles, such as low-volume irrigation, and the use of native and adaptive plant materials to create a lush corridor with a flowing turf design that unifies the corridor’s urban landscape. We also provided construction observation services for this project and other locations along the corridor using a streamlined process which helped Lee County verify consistent implementation of the landscape design.

Charlotte County Environmental Parks Signage Program

Johnson Engineering developed and designed interpretive signs for five environmental parks for the Charlotte County Environmental and Extension Services Department. This included creating unique logos for each park within an established context, along with sign content and graphics. Beginning with the County’s goal of educating the public on the importance of the environmental assets, our team was responsible for developing a signage plan that would ensure consistency between parks, while identifying unique and interesting features to highlight at each location. An introductory sign template and a point of interest sign template was designed to meet County graphic standards and to create a recognizable brand within the parks. The interpretive writing on the signs was designed to introduce the public to the concepts of land management, the important role of various vegetation communities, and to highlight many of Southwest Florida’s protected species. In order to reach and educate a wide audience, we conveyed messages using familiar terminology, and described aspects of flora and fauna generally unknown to the public.


North Charlotte Regional Park

Johnson Engineering has assisted the Charlotte County Parks, Recreation & Cultural Resources Department with planning, landscape architecture, construction management, civil, survey and environmental services at North Charlotte Regional Park, an 88-acre park which includes 65+ acres of phased improvements consisting of five baseball fields, four soccer fields, disc golf course, and a memorial garden walk. As part of the permitting, Johnson Engineering conducted environmental surveys and obtained an Environmental Resource Permit (ERP) with the Southwest Florida Water Management District (SWFWMD). We conducted heritage tree surveys and boundary and topographic surveys for the permitting process as well as the as-built drawings and certifications for the completion of the project. We provided planting and irrigation design for buffers and other public use areas. Our role also involved construction services for inspection, compliance, shop drawings, and owner representation. We worked with the contractor to complete phases of the project on-time and within the budget.
Phase 3 of this park was a successful time sensitive, fast track, project to design, permit and construct a new ball field in time to be operational in Winter 2012. Work included performing a Heritage Tree inventory, ball field design and layout, planting and irrigation design, drainage modifications, buffers and walkways.