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Daniels Parkway

We performed the design for the six-laning of Daniels Parkway for the Lee County Department of Transportation. The six-laning of the 5.4 mile connector to the Southwest Florida Regional Airport consisted of roadway design, design and right of way surveys, three bridge widenings, three new bridges, new traffic signals or modifications to the existing traffic signals at seven intersections, major intersection design at U.S. 41, access recommendations, at-grade design at the I-75 Interchange, environmental mitigation design and Florida Department of Transportation, South Florida Water Management District, Florida Department of Environmental Protection and United States Corps of Engineers permits.


State Road 951

State Road 951 was a six mile long project for the Florida Department of Transportation in Collier County. The goal was to replace the existing two-lane roadway with a four-lane divided highway from U.S. 41 to the Judge Jolly Bridge at the Marco River. The project also included the design of two bridges. Major obstacles were encountered during the design including significant environmental impacts, relocation of large utility lines serving Marco Island, and large areas of very thick muck under the proposed roadway. Long term surcharge areas were designed to prepare the muck areas for roadway construction. All this was done while maintaining traffic on this busy existing roadway.


Del Prado Boulevard Extension

Del Prado Boulevard is a main arterial through the City of Cape Coral. The project begins from State Road 78 (Pine Island Road) and continues to Kismet Parkway. Portions of the roadway to the south of these improvements are a six-lane divided urban roadway. This two-mile long project will convert the rural four-lane divided roadway into a continuation of the six-lane section. Design of this project is unique in that it incorporated ‘”rain gardens” in the water management system as well as significant pedestrian facilities throughout. The project will include two mainline bridges on Del Prado Boulevard and three smaller offsite bridges. The design must be completed to allow for local access and the existing roadway to continue under traffic (including the existing canal crossings) while under construction.


Three Oaks Parkway Extension

The Three Oaks Parkway Extension currently referred to as Imperial Parkway through the City of Bonita Springs, was the last link connecting Alico Road in South Lee County to Davis Boulevard in Collier County. We performed the design for the four mile section from within The Brooks to East Terry Street in Bonita Springs. As part of the work, a corridor study and preliminary design report were necessary since the first half mile had caused high interest in the community. The corridor study was presented to the Bonita Springs City Council who made the final decision. The presentation was made with the consideration of the residents of the 55 manufactured homes that had to be acquired to provide right of way for the safest route. Residents understood and the city council voted unanimously for the safest route. This important segment of north-south arterial was planned, designed, and constructed on schedule.


Aqui Esta Drive Improvements

This was a joint project with Charlotte County and the City of Punta Gorda to construct roadway, bridge, lighting, drainage, intersection, and sidewalk improvements using Federal LAP funding. The project was subject to formal review and oversight by Florida Department of Transportation, Charlotte County, Southwest Florida Water Management District, Army Corps of Engineers, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service and United States Coast Guard in addition to much local publicity and scrutiny. There were several major design issues including drainage, line of sight at the bridge and residential driveway connections that needed to be addressed in a very short period of time. Despite the accelerated schedule, the project design was completed on time, under budget and is currently proceeding to construction.


State Road 739 (Metro Parkway)

State Road 739 is one of our most complex Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) assignments to date. District One personnel knew the roadway would be a politically and environmentally sensitive issue as it is the last planned crossing of Six Mile Cypress Slough. State Road 739 was a significant design challenge because of the southerly connection to two other major roadways, U.S. 41 and Alico Road, an I-75 connector, all in close proximity. The project also included additional water quality standards, a bridge over an existing railroad and the filling of existing borrow pits, as well as the design of two animal crossings. The crossings were part of a final mitigation plan we developed, which included a joint agreement worked out between the FDOT, the county and agencies whereby funds will be transferred to the county to remove exotics from Six Mile Cypress Slough. This plan saved the FDOT more than one million dollars when compared against the cost of paying for mitigation.


State Road 776

State Road 776 was a 2.7 mile long project for Florida Department of Transportation in Charlotte County which included replacing the existing two-lane road with a four-lane divided highway. Access management and maintenance of traffic were major challenges due to the large amount of traffic and frontage roads which had to be maintained on both sides of the highway. Several new developments began construction during the design of this road necessitating a dynamic design process to maintain the tight schedule.


Sanibel Causeway

The Sanibel Causeway replacement was a major undertaking for the Lee County Department of Transportation. The project included three new major bridges and associated roadway improvements necessary to replace the aging connection from Sanibel Island to the mainland at Punta Rassa. As a subconsultant to the prime design firm, URS Corporation, we performed the roadway design on the causeway islands and Sanibel Island. The roadway design provided numerous challenges given the environmental sensitivity of the area and the intrinsic coordination required in connecting multiple bridges.