Collier County has an innovative Transfer of Development Rights (TDR) program associated with its Rural Fringe Mixed Use District. This District contains over 70,000 acres that are divided into either Sending, Neutral or Receiving Lands. The designation of these lands is meant to facilitate and compensate for protection of remote or environmentally sensitive sites (Sending Lands) and promote development of property with available urban services (Receiving Lands). From the program’s inception in 2002 through March 2012, an early entry bonus has been in place to encourage owners to participate in the program with additional transferrable development credits. In those ten years, almost 20% of the Sending Lands have been processed by the County for approval of development rights transfer.

In February, the Collier County Board of County Commissioners agreed to consider an extension of the early entry bonus timeframe beyond the March 2012 deadline, so this opportunity may be not be lost. The Board is set to review and re-activate the bonus in fall or winter 2012.

If you own Sending Lands or have interest in the TDR program, contact Laura DeJohn, AICP at [email protected].