Johnson Engineering’s legacy of exceptional employee tenure stands as a testament to the dedication and commitment of our workforce. It is with both pride and sadness that we announce the retirement of a few esteemed members who have contributed significantly to our company’s success. These individuals, with their decades-long service spanning 19, 24, and 37 years, have left an indelible mark on our organization. As they embark on this new chapter of their lives, we reflect on their invaluable contributions and wish them all the best in their well-deserved retirements.


Stan began working for Johnson Engineering in May of 2004 as a survey rodman and is retiring as a survey Party Chief. Over the last 19 years he performed thousands of surveys throughout Southwest Florida for our clients including projects such as hydrographic surveys of the Peace River, Subsurface Utility Explorations for FPL and the I-75 IROX project, as well as FDOT bridge surveys for the I-75, Sanibel Causeway, and Marco Island bridges.  Throughout his tenure, he became a heavy equipment operator, obtained his CDL, and became SCUBA certified. We wish Stan well in his retirement with relaxation and countless new adventures.



Carol served as the Director of our Human Resources group for the past 24 years, playing a pivotal role in shaping our HR policies and procedures for the last two decades. Her dedication and expertise not only influenced our company culture and operations, but also significantly contributed to the overall success and growth of our organization. Her unwavering commitment and readiness to assist wherever needed has been invaluable to our success. We extend our heartfelt wishes for a fulfilling retirement journey.



In 1987, Mark embarked on a journey to relocate his family to Fort Myers from Ohio after vacationing in the sunshine state. During his job search, Johnson Engineering kept emerging as a top recommendation. He applied, interviewed, and was hired as an Engineering Technician. Mark had the privilege of being trained and mentored by our team of seasoned veterans who had strong work ethic, integrity, and strong demand for quality plan preparation.

Throughout his tenure, Mark had to adapt to many technological advancements including transitioning from hand-drafted designs to computer-aided drafting. Before e-mail existed, Mark recalls the days where it used to take him weeks to produce hand-drawn plan sheets using ink and Leroy lettering templates and hand deliver them to clients. Today this work can be produced electronically and e-mailed in mere minutes.

His career milestones included spearheading the establishment of our Port Charlotte office in 1992, a pivotal moment in his professional trajectory. Mark swiftly rose from an entry-level Engineering Technician to Project Manager working on a variety of development projects throughout Charlotte County.

Mark’s strong project management skills are etched in the significant projects he undertook, notably the Charlotte Correctional Institution. Being one of his first large projects and one of the biggest projects in the County at the time, Mark was admittedly intimidated by this $40 million project on 275-acres which included wetland impacts and a large 40-acre wetland mitigation area. Mark remained steadfast and the project was a notable success. His career take-away was to never give up on a challenge, you can always handle more than you think you can.

As Mark concludes his 37-year tenure at Johnson Engineering, his absence will surely be felt. Mark, with his quiet demeanor and subtle wit, was always ready to lend a hand wherever it was required. A genuine and hardworking individual, he leaves behind a commendable legacy of dedication to Johnson Engineering. We extend our sincere gratitude and wish Mark all the best in his well-deserved retirement.