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Johnson Engineering has been involved with the operation, maintenance, and now development of Babcock Ranch since the 1960s. The Ranch was a 90,000+/- acre piece found at the headwaters of the Telegraph Cypress Swamp which conveys from Charlotte to Lee County.   

The services Johnson Engineering has performed over the years includes numerous hydrogeologic drilling and testing programs; water level, water quality and environmental monitoring; assistance with certification of Town and Country Utility as a water and wastewater provider through the PSC; design and permitting of the Earthsource mine expansion; SFWMD water use permitting for the Babcock Ranch Community (public water supply, industrial use, landscape irrigation and dewatering), and a well inventory of the 90,000-acre ranch.  

Johnson Engineering is the lead environmental consultant for the Babcock Ranch Community (BRC). The BRC is approximately 18,000 acres in size and includes approximately 14,000 acres in Charlotte County and 4,000 acres in Lee County. Our team was responsible for all of the local, State, and federal approvals needed for the conceptual approval of the community and the associated 13,000-acre mitigation plan.  Johnson Engineering was part of the original project team engaged in August 2005 by Kitson & Partners, LLC, shortly after they secured a contract for the Babcock Ranch.  We used our vast background data and knowledge and contacts with governmental staff, officials and surrounding community members to prepare feasibility studies and plans to launch the first vision for the Babcock Community.  Our multidisciplinary team assisted in preparing the initial Development of Regional Impact, comprehensive plan amendment, and rezoning applications, resulting in approvals for the Charlotte County Development of Regional Impact Charlotte County Comprehensive Plan Amendment. The Babcock Community Plan is an example of our team’s capacity to analyze and integrate the many components that must be balanced in a community plan, from mobility to energy efficiency to natural resource management.  We also were responsible for creating the monitoring system to see that as the plan is implemented, the performance of all site plans and designs are tabulated relative to the consistency of each, and tracked to monitor the cumulative compliance with comprehensive plan policies, land development regulations, and agreement terms.

What other Groups worked on the project? 

  • Surveying & Mapping 
  • Land Development 
  • Planning 
  • Environmental 
  • Stormwater Management 
  • Water Quality Studies 
  • Water Supply 
  • Environmental Assessments/Permit Compliance 
  • Utilities 
  • Transportation Design 
  • Construction Engineering & Inspection (CEI) 
  • Landscape Architecture 
  • Geographic Information Systems (GIS) 

Should be bullet out the Scope items? 

  • Site Design 
  • Boundary Surveying 
  • Roadway Design 
  • Traffic Studies 
  • Stormwater drainage design 
  • Wildlife Hazard Assessments 
  • Planning 
  • Traffic signals 
  • Wetland Delineations 
  • Environmental Permitting 
  • Mitigation Design & Compliance 
  • Transportation Surveying 

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